Sun in Sagittarius

The expansion of the ego to the uttermost bounds of human thought, experience and knowledge motivates the Sagittarian, who rushes out eagerly to greet life, equipped with a radiant nature, abundant vitality and a keen, alert mind eager for the fellowship of earth and willing to extend his knowledge to last limits of heaven. The approach to life is straightforward, for the aim is not subtle: it is to experience, to know, to try, to adventure. As a result, the Sagittarian goes far, literally and figuratively. He travels, either geographically or in thought, or both; and however he travels he likes to go fast. If he finishes things at all, it is because he is quick, not patient; life is too short for him to bother with details, and he feels that he will learn more, see more, know more if he goes more. He can thus be superficial, but is rarely shallow, for his sincerity goes right down into his marrow, and a platitude on his lips can become a great truth because of the wholeheartedness with which he believes it.

The creative urge is strong; thus does the ego expand and perpetuate itself in its expanded state. Idealism is powerfully marked, as are religious and philosophic tendencies. Sagittarians take naturally to serious thought and, even if uneducated in the formal sense, are at home with abstract ideas, principles, beliefs. They have little use for dogma, and are not conventional in thought, though they are so straightforward that their actions are generally unimpeachable. A low-type Sagittarian is a rara avis. The worst the sign usually gets is mediocre and bromidic. Abundant energy and natural good spirits preserve them from the worst that life throws up. The better types, eagerly questing in the geographical and spiritual world, lead the abundant life up to the hilt. They leave the world better than they found it by the happiness they bring to others, if not indeed by some special contribution to philosophy, religion or science, in which they are especially likely to shine.

Grant Lewi

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