Sun quincunx, inconjunct Mars

Sun inconjunct (quincunx) Mars: The excitement on which you thrive may be the cause of your basic instability. You are frustrated by “lazy” or indifferent attitudes and can turn your volatility into inflammatory health problems. Your haste can produce accidents and injuries which may involve your partners. Discrimination should become your watchword. Consider the views of others. Rather than scatter your energies, wait for the proper moment to channel them towards your success.

Spirit Success report.

The inconjunct between the Sun and Mars enters the unconscious realm more deeply than the other aspects do; therefore it is more awkward to handle. As with the square and the opposition, the conscious attitude is out of phase with actual performance, but in the case of the inconjunct the natives have little awareness of the fact. Initially, they don’t know the cause for the inner unrest and aggression or for the tension they project. However, they can become extremely irritated and may fly into a rage without a good reason.

As with all Sun / Mars aspects, these people have considerable will power and a desire to please themselves. However, the snag with this aspect is that it is often hard do tell what they really do want because nothing they undertake gives rest or satisfaction. Neither are they aware of how much they try to ram their opinions down other people’s throats until others become resentful.

Because the nature of the aspect makes it so hard to comprehend or come to terms with the interaction of the planets, there is a chance that people with the aspect shall become overexcited internally. This can affect the health, and the fact that the aspect is between the Sun and Mars adds the risk of accidents. A good safety valve for this conflict (as for other Sun / Mars conflicts) are sports that use up plenty of physical energy, but anything that helps let off steam is good.

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