Sun sextile Moon

Sun sextile Moon: Favorable Sun/Moon aspects suggest a congenial personality. Most likely you grew up in a supportive family, and this background helps you to overcome any inner conflicts that might otherwise hinder progress in your career. You may benefit through real estate or through matters related to domestic issues and the home. Some with this aspect prefer to work at home. Your partner may actively participate in your career. This aspect usually indicates physical well-being and a reasonable amount of luck.

Career Report

The sextile formed between the Sun and Moon is usually an indicator of a tranquil and happy life. This aspect makes relationships easier and more harmonious, especially with members of your family. Your attitude about the past and the present are balanced and positive. You remember the lessons of the past, but have no need to hold on to, or return to any previous part of your life. While you can and do assert yourself, you are careful not to offend people, and for this you are well-liked. You have many ideas to draw on. You don’t feel threatened when challenged, and you understand the principles of compromise. There is every indication that you will succeed as a person.


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