March 21st – April 20th Aries – I Am

Aries is known as the forerunner of the zodiac. If ever there was a natural entrepreneur, it is an Aries. General Characteristics may include a person that is adventurous, aggressive, a leader, eager, bossy, argumentative, brave, spontaneous, confident, courageous, direct, dynamic, energetic, enterprising, enthusiastic, exasperating, excitable, explosive, forceful, forthright, determined, freedom-loving, impatient, impulsive, independent, insensitive, a leader, passionate, pioneering, powerful, quarrelsome, quick-tempered, quick-witted, selfish and unstoppable.

Mars is the ruler of Aries.

Aries rules the 1st house in the natural zodiac.

Aries ruled body parts are the head, brain, eyes, face and muscles.

April 21st – May 21st Taurus – I Have

If your sun is in Taurus, you love life’s comforts. Good food, a nice home, fine furnishings and a stable foundation are important to you. Those born under the sign of Taurus may be acquisitive, adamant, affectionate, artistic, constant, determined, domestic, dull, dependable, generous, greedy, grumpy, guarded, materialistic, indulgent, industrious, inflexible, insensitive, lazy, loving, obstinate, patient, permanent, persistent, physical, placid, possessive, practical, radiant, reliable, robust, security-loving, steady, strong-willed, stubborn, tenacious, trustworthy and warm-hearted.

Venus is the Ruler of Taurus.

Taurus rules the 2nd house in the natural zodiac.

Body parts ruled by Taurus are the neck, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, chin, lower jaw, ears, tongue, vocal chords, jugular vein and tonsils.

May 22nd – June 21st Gemini – I Think

Whether they are typing at lighting speed on instant messenger, or talking on the phone until dawn, sometimes simultaneously, Gemini’s love to communicate! Characteristics of a Gemini may include being adaptable, amusing, articulate, busy, changeable, charming, chatty, curious, cunning, dexterous, energetic, fickle, fidgety, friendly, flighty, gossipy, inconsiderate, indecisive, inconsistent, intellectual, intelligent, lively, logical, nervous, non-committal, restless, open minded, sociable, spontaneous, superficial, transparent, two-faced, versatile, witty, youthful and mentally oriented. Some Gemini’s tend to dress very provocative.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini.

Gemini rules the 3rd house in the natural zodiac.

Gemini ruled body parts are hands, fingers, arms, shoulders, upper ribs, lungs, bronchial tracts, trachea, thymus gland, nerves and nervous system.

June 22nd – July 22nd Cancer – I Feel

Cancers are most happy with a secure home life, a well stocked pantry and a large family. Your favorite family restaurant is probably being run by a Cancer. Security is important for Cancers feel comfortable in any environment. Whatever it is that defines security for them is essential for their happiness. Cancer characteristics may include someone who is careful, caring, reactive, cautious, dependant, changeable, romantic, empathetic, clingy, emotional, affectionate, nurturing, helpful, home-loving, imaginative, intuitive, kind, loving, maternal, moody, over-sensitive, panic-stricken, patriotic, possessive, protective, resourceful, shrewd, have strong attachments, sympathetic, tenacious, thrifty, touchy, vulnerable, worrisome, tied to the past and psychic.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer.

Cancer rules the 4th house in the natural zodiac.

Cancer ruled body parts are breasts, breastbone, stomach, digestive system, lower ribs, womb and pancreas.

July 23rd – August 23rd Leo – I Will

Like the Lion who wants to rule the jungle, Leo is proud and loves to show it. Your Leo needs a great deal of attention and a starring role in a Broadway Play may suit your Leo just fine. Leo characteristics may include someone that is artistic, dignified, bossy, arrogant, conceited, self confident, creative, determined, domineering, dramatic, warm, direct, dynamic, egotistical, elegant , enthusiastic, extravagant, fun loving, generous, hot tempered, interfering, intolerant, jovial, loving, passionate, playful, personable, popular, powerful, proud, steady, stubborn, vibrant, vivacious, warm-hearted and talented.

The Sun is the ruler of Leo.

Leo rules the 5th house in the natural zodiac.

Leo ruled body parts are the heart, upper back, spine, spleen and the aorta.

August 24th – Sept. 22nd Virgo – I Analyze

Everything has its place, just ask a Virgo and they will know where that is. Virgos tend to be very organized in everything they do, sometimes to a fault! This sign rules the house of health and service and often Virgos do very well in medicine and healthcare. Virgo characteristics may include someone that is analytical, careful, conservative, critical, cynical, dependable, diligent, discriminating, finicky, harsh, intelligent, logical, methodical, meticulous, modest, perceptive, perfectionist, practical, precise, reliable, self-conscious, self-critical, sensitive, sharp, shy, subtle, understanding, witty, wise, thrifty, health and hygiene conscious.

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo.

Virgo rules the 6th house in the natural zodiac.

Virgo ruled body parts are the sympathetic nervous system and the lower digestive tract.

Sept. 23rd – Oct. 23rd Libra – I Balance

If you have a problem, your Libra friend may help you weigh the consequences. It’s nice to have someone to help you see both sides of the issue at hand. Libra characteristics may include a person that is agreeable, airy, artistic, balanced, appreciative of the arts, flirtatious, charming, cheerful, courteous, compromising, diplomatic, easygoing, evasive, far-sighted, idealistic in relationships, frivolous, gullible, indecisive, self-absorbed, poetic, refined, resentful, romantic, self-indulgent, sociable, sympathetic, sophisticated, idle, indecisive, vague, but also fair.

Venus is the ruler of Libra.

Libra rules the 7th house in the natural zodiac.

Libra ruled body parts include the lower back (lumbar region), kidneys and adrenal glands.

Oct. 24th – Nov. 22nd Scorpio – I Desire

Scorpio’s are often quite good in business, when given the opportunity. Many Scorpios work in the field of medicine as Scorpio rules the house of rebirth and regeneration. Scorpios may have characteristics of being mysterious, aggressiveness, agitated, angry, committed, compulsive, deep, skeptical, determined, discerning, emotional, fearful, forceful, imaginative, inflexible, intense, intuitive, jealous, loyal, magnetic, obsessive, passionate, having a preoccupation with sex, sarcastic, persistent, powerful, resentful, secretive, seductive, sensitive, sexy, judgmental, suspicious, uncertain, self mastery, unforgiving, unpredictable, vindictive and willful.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.

Scorpio rules the 8th house in the natural zodiac.

Scorpio ruled body parts are the genitals, bladder, cervix, urinary tract and prostate gland.

Nov. 23rd – Dec. 21st Sagittarius – I Aim

Your favorite teacher just might be a Sagittarius, for teaching and education in all areas are their forte. When their not caught up in a book, their off to the four corners of the world exploring and learning about other cultures. Some general Sagittarian characterizes may include someone who is adventurous, boastful, careless, energetic, enterprising, impatient, enthusiastic, exaggerating, excitable, expansive, explorative, frank, freedom loving, good-humored, honest, idealistic, intellectual, irresponsible, jovial, lazy, naive, open-minded, optimistic, outgoing, outlandish, outspoken, philosophical, reckless, restless, sincere, undisciplined, versatile, athletic, a visionary, wasteful and independent.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius rules the 9th house in the natural zodiac.

Sagittarius ruled body parts consist of the liver, hips, thighs, pelvis and the femur.

Dec. 22nd – Jan. 20th Capricorn – I Use

Do you need a good bookkeeper? Capricorns are disciplined, hard working and often mature before their time. Life can get too serious at times, just ask a Capricorn. Some general Capricorn characteristics would be someone who is ambitious, aspiring, calculating, careful, cold, respectful, considerate, determined, diligent, objective, dutiful, enduring, exacting, far-sighted, fatalistic, grouchy, industrious, harsh, humorous, loyal, patient, penny pinching, persevering, conservative, pessimistic, practical, reliable, brooding, reserved, rigid, ruthless, selfish, sensible, cautious, serious, strong and traditional.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn.

Capricorn rules the 10th house in the natural zodiac.

Capricorn ruled body parts include bones (skeletal structure), joints, knees and teeth.

Jan. 21st – Feb. 18th Aquarius – I Know

If you have something interesting to say, you’ll get the attention of an Aquarius, but keeping their attention is another story! Think of an Aquarian as the Einstein of the zodiac, open to discovering areas that have not yet been developed. Anything new and unusual seems to capture the attention of those born under this sign. Some Aquarian characteristics would be aloofness, selflessness, analytical, contrary, cranky, detached, distant, eccentric, fanatical, fearless, friendly, humanitarian, idealistic, independent, individualistic, intellectual, inventive, lofty, loyal, oblivious, odd, original, outrageous, progressive, quick, quirky, perverse, rebellious, sociable, stubborn, tactless, tireless, trustworthy, unconventional, unemotional, unpredictable and innovative.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.

Aquarius rules the 11th house in the natural zodiac.

Aquarius ruled body parts are the circulatory system, ankles, Achilles heal, calves and shins.

Feb. 19th – March 20th Pisces – I Believe

If you know a Pisces, you’re probably aware of their deep sensitivity. The most watery of the water signs, say the wrong thing and you’ll have a weepy Pisces on you’re your hands. That’s okay too because it balances those signs that tend to be a bit emotionally dry. Pisces may exhibit characteristics of being dreamy, artistic, careless, compassionate, confused, deceitful, deep, easily-led, escapism, greedy, happy, hopeless, humorous, shy, hypersensitive, withdrawn, idealistic, imaginative, plays the victim, impractical, impressionable, indecisive, intuitive, inventive, kind, misdirected, misunderstood, mysterious, prophetic, receptive, secretive, self-sacrificing, spiritual, spiteful, sympathetic, unworldly, vague, understanding and empathetic.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.

Pisces rules the 12th house in the natural zodiac.

Pisces rules the feet and the immune system.

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