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Aquarius Child

An Aquarius child is a sort of puzzle for his parents. He is sensitive, adamant, a little shaky, ingenious and impulsive, all at the same time. It becomes a little difficult to decide whether he is an extremely crazy youngster or an exceedingly intelligent prodigy. He may turn out to be the next Einstein or become an ordinary salesman at a departmental store. However, his future depends much upon how you shape his personality. Don’t try to force your opinions on an Aquarian baby; he will vehemently oppose them.

Just give him sometime and let him think over it, mostly probably he will find it correct and accept it in the end. You will hardly find his behavior predictable. From a usually calm and pleasant individual, he can suddenly turn into a stubborn and restless one. Inconsistencies and contradictions rule his characteristics profile. Aquarius children may not know where to go, but they always know which road to take. They demand logic behind every action and their personality traits reflect a blend of common sense and perception.

They have a large number of friends and love to help their friends whenever they can. Your Aquarian child loves to chase dreams. No sooner will one be over that he will be chasing another one. Somehow, he never dreams what the other children dream of. For instance, he will never think about becoming a doctor, rather he will want to be an oceanographer. Even though he may have to settle down with the former, he will never forget the latter one and may even make it come true one day.

Aquarians tend to be absent minded and this may result in quite a few accidents. Even at school, your Aquarian child may always be pointed out for not paying much attention. However, this will be supported by good grades, more often than not. On one hand, he has a good intuition and this helps him in arriving at the solution even before he has fully heard the problem. On the other hand, he tends to forget things like his home address way too often. He will have unusually intelligent thoughts every now and then, but they will not be in a logical sequence.

You will have to teach your Aquarius baby to compile his thoughts in a proper order, so that they make sense. In the contrary, his genius would either go waste or it may lead to some eccentricity. He will not be too enthusiastic about sports, infact any kind of physical activity. Mentally, he will be thousand miles away from the other children in a jiffy. Nature will attract him and he will feel one with it. Aquarius children have a very sharp sixth sense and they can easily absorb the negative vibrations around them. This may lead to a disturbance in their emotional balance and break their usual tranquility and harmony.

Encourage, don’t force, them to do something. Before saying anything to an Aquarius child, measure your words carefully. They may make a lasting impression on his personality. He will have lots of friends, but romance is something he will take time to understand. Still, he loves people and tries to help them in every possible way he can. Do you think he dreams too much and too far ahead? His dreams are tomorrow’s reality. Just believe in them and one day, you will see him making those things others could never even think of!

Aquarius Shadow

As you might expect, the dark face of Aquarius, the secret side which he often can’t face, springs from his complete dedication in ordinary life to his ethical codes. Where Aquarius consciously strives for selflessness, his shadow side is completely self-centred; where his dedication to others is often faultless in ordinary life, his shadow is dedicated to the upholding of his position of control.

You can see the shadow side peeping through especially in those situations where Aquarius is on his ideological hobby-horse. Watch him corner the centre of the stage, and push anybody else off who happens to disagree with him. Usually reasonable to a fault, all that repressed longing to be somebody special in his own right sometimes drives him to rather odd behaviour. The result is that he frequently can’t practise what he preaches, especially in personal relations. Equality is fine for humanity, but not for you.

There is also another side to the Aquarian shadow, connected with the first. This is his secret longing to be liked and admired by everyone – to the degree where he can often be pushed uphill against his principles for fear of what others think of him. It’s sometimes termed weakness of character, or wishy-washiness. And it’s rather surprising when you see it next to the kind of courage of conviction which is more usually his behaviour.

What all this boils down to can be put into one rather unpleasant word: hypocrisy. This is the greatest danger, the greatest foible in the Aquarain temperament. He says one thing and often does another unwittingly. And it’s frequently those closest that suffer for it. Take his ideals of equality, for example. You’ll hear many Aquarians wax eloquent on this theme. Whether it’s equality between races, or freedom to worship as one pleases, or equality of rights between the sexes, Aquarius can go on for hours on this theme, once he gets warmed up. But you’ll often see a pronounced inequality displayed in his personal life – especially toward those who display the emotionalism or irrationality which he so fears and despises. His wife, often is given no real ‘equality’ – he simply can’t be bothered to listen to anything which isn’t presented in a logical form. His children are often given no real ‘equality’ – their demands are too selfish, too emotional, for his taste. His real equality is reserved for verbal debate, when he will always offer his opponent the right to speak. But equality of heart is often difficult for him, because his concept of equality is limited to the realm of ideas and intellect.

Another adjunct to this particular shadow side of Aquarius is his propensity to reform everybody. This, too, is contradictory to his belief that all people should be granted freedom of choice, so long as they agree with him. Watch a zealous Aquarian pursuing his pet subject – whether it is women’s liberation, socialism, distribution of wealth, ecology, or whatever. Usually his hobby-horses always concern the benefit of some group or other. But if you don’t happen to agree with him, you’re given short shrift. No equality for you. You’ve disagreed; and of course there’s only one truth, isn’t there? Often Aquarius can’t see the paradox in his behaviour. The epitome of it is in what Marx called Dialectic Materialism. Or perhaps in Democracy: government by the people, of the people, for the people. And if you don’t agree with it, then, by God, you’ll be made to. The innate contradiction in all this is very elusive to the Aquarian mind. The worker for whom the revolution is fought is coerced into a behaviour pattern and a life which he has not a jot of freedom – to pursue his own religious inclinations, his own creative enterprise, or his own freedom of speech. Yet the battle was fought for his freedom. It is pretty difficult to refrain from commenting on the hypocrisy of this attitude.

Now, the hypocrisy of the Aquarian shadow isn’t deliberate. He genuinely doesn’t see it, doesn’t know about it. If he did, he would be abjectly shocked – because he doesn’t mean to be unfair. You might say that this strange shadow side appears because he’s so rigid in his expectations of himself and of others. His attempts to reform human nature are, in many ways, a projection onto others of his belief that he should reform his own. But he often doesn’t realize that all such attempts, like charity, must begin at home.

Another facet to this is the practise-what-you-preach exercise. Aquarius usually doesn’t. This type of Aquarian is most in evidence in the learned professions. He knows a great deal about the maps, models, techniques, mechanisms and behaviour patterns of his favorite subject of study: man. But he often can’t learn these in application to his own behaviour patterns. Because he’s so often out of touch with his own emotions, they sneak up on him, and make him do things he doesn’t see or understand. Anger, resentment, jealousy, longing, need, helplessness, fear – the ordinary gamut of human foibles – are often things he will simply not acknowledge, because they make him nervous. He has them, the same as anybody else. He just doesn’t see them. But then, it’s typical of the shadow of every sign. You don’t always see the shadow you cast behind you, because the light is in front of you, and you’re busy looking at the light.

Nobody has any testimony about what Mrs. Lincoln thought of her husband. Or what Mrs. Edison thought. We can only conjecture. But you can see the Aquarian shadow in a lot of places: the Aquarian politician campaigning for equality which he can’t be bothered to give the time of day (or any freedom) to his family, the Aquarian psychologist who knows all the theories but hasn’t spotted his own emotional needs, the Aquarian doctor who devotes his time and energy to his patients while his loved ones must find a clinic for treatment. The list is long. The solution? Like the shadow problems of all the signs, this one needs awareness. It also means that ideals, in order to be worth anything at all, have to be tempered with not only compassion, but with realism. Human nature just isn’t perfect yet – certainly not perfect enough to behave in the fashion in which many Aquarians demand. Total selflessness is simply an impossibility. Like the other airy signs, Aquarius often doesn’t remember that though we have our heads in heaven, our feet are on the earth and our bodies have evolved up through the animal kingdom. To Aquarius, man is not a dual creature; he is a son of the gods. As Menande said, ‘the intellect in every man is God.’ When Aquarius understands that the feelings and the visions and the body of every man are god as well, then he can become what he truly is at heart: the visionary and the prophet, the server of the race, the contributor to the welfare of humanity in great ways or small.

Aquarius Past Life

Aquarius makes for the application of your mental self, so that there are tendencies for you to analyze carefully any given project, or any undertaking dealing with the material world. Also, the more often you undertake projects when others must be considered as well, it will be far better that you manifest a truly cooperative spirit while doing so.

The planet ruled or symbolized by Aquarius is Uranus, which is the purely Atlantean planet. In other words, Uranus is the principal theme of Aquarius, and because Uranus is the realm of a distinctive Atlantean nature, then Aquarius is the zodiacal sign best symbolized by thoughts, personalities and activities akin to the series of prehistoric ‘space age’ civilizations known as Atlantis.

For example, you may once have been involved with scientific discovery and invention, and therefore in the present have the potential again for investigating more scientific or technical areas like computers, engineering, inventing, research, astrology and parapsychology, space travel and the like.

Other similar experiences and abilities with high technologies ranging from electronics in medicine to communications are close to you in terms of your interests and abilities, yet are far away in time. This is also true of a great number of souls who have incarnated in the twentieth century (especially since World War Two), with memories spanning many millennia between the present time and the ancient Atlantean civilizations.

Yet other lifetimes have surely intervened since your Atlantean incarnation. They could range from being an astrologer or magician in the courts of kings to a dedicated pioneer at the frontier of a new land. Or you may have been one who set sail for distant ports only to be carried away in search of lost legends. Other lives, including the present one, could well feature you as one whose stride through life has labeled you as a dreamer, at least to more material-minded souls.

Horoscope Saturn in Aquarius

You seek self-justification and acclaim and material success very much as Saturn in Capricorn, but aren’t likely to be so hard boiled about it. Saturn in Aquarius wants fame, recognition and power, but is more concerned with keeping the good opinion of other people in getting it and will rarely if ever hurt them. This position adds gentleness and strength to any chart: the ego requires the approval of society for its own justification – requires the good opinion of men more than their obedience, and is willing to trade respect for love. The social urge in this way is strong, and Saturn in Aquarius will spend a lot of time justifying its transgressions (which may be numerous) and making explanations and excuses for shortcomings. Since society is important to you, you tend to assume that you are important to society, and if your whole chart is very passive, you may come to think that it owes you a living and that your existence is best justified when you are collecting unearned increment. This is an inversion of the urge to serve society which is the best Saturn-in-Aquarius type of self-vindication. If this goes into reverse, you’re vindicated when you enable society to demonstrate its goodness with you as the recipient. To cultivate the social urges on their positive side, to seek the approval of men for progressive and constructive works, to accept responsibility to society as your true means of self-justification, is to live up to the best of this idealistic position of Saturn.

Grant Lewi

Saturn-Aquarius: law-freedom, resistance, breakthrough, project, construction, industry, railroad, motorway, airport

You have an innate distrust of groups and/or a cynical attitude toward society that may leave you feeling out of step and unable to participate in activities with your peers. Overcoming a sense of aloofness and alienation from others is an important task for you.

Kepler Natal Report

Aquarius Man

It seems that the psychology of the masculine combines very well with Aquarius to bring out the intellectual bias of the sign. So the epitome of the Aquarian male is the thinker, the dreamer, the philosopher, the scientist. Also, the problem men in our society have confronting emotional situations generally is aggravated in Aquarius. Aquarian women, while they don’t handle their own emotions very well, are usually at least aware of them. But no one is more out of touch with his own feeling nature than the typical Aquarian male.

So the Aquarian male is often one of the most infuriating people you will ever meet when it comes to relationships. First of all, the coolness has a lot of pride. Control of emotion is a big thing for Aquarius. No matter how much he’s hurting, unless he’s about to have a breakdown, he will often not grant you the satisfaction of knowing about it.

Another problem he’s got is that he often sees emotion as a demand. Remember the Aquarian is very big on the idea of freedom. This is often carried to outlandish extremes in personal relationships. Typical of it is the Aquarian man who refuses to tell you what day and time you’ll see him again – because he doesn’t ‘believe’ in time. Or the Aquarian man who ‘believes’ in open relationships, and tells you truthfully (because he believes in truth, and feels everything should be open between you) about the three other lovers you have to compete with. Not that you asked. It’s just that he believes in truth, and doesn’t understand why you should be hurt and make a scene. It’s unreasonable and possessive, and you shouldn’t be so self-centred. Everybody, he will tell you, benefits from it. Shouldn’t we all love each other? If you love him, you should love his other girlfriends, because they love him too, and he…Well, you know the story. It can make even the most tolerant lover develop homicidal instincts.

You may have the sort of Aquarian who simply refuses to discuss personal feelings. Or he may tell you you’re being very ‘heavy’ and too emotional. The problem is, he’s often grossly hypocritical about all this. When the tables are turned on him, he’s capable of behaving as much like Othello as any Scorpio is. But he won’t be as honest about it, because he’ll drag in things like honesty and loyalty and other concepts which damn your behaviour without conceding that the real root of his upset is his feelings, not his principles.

The only way to deal with this kind of Aquarian is to out-Aquarian him. That means challenging his beliefs, so that he can find out whether he really believes in them or not. If it means being a little unpredictable yourself, or requesting your own freedom of behaviour. Remember that this is a fixed sign. Fixed signs aren’t adaptable; they don’t adjust easily to other people. They have their own world, their own values. They don’t like being pushed. That reforming instinct in Aquarius simply doesn’t apply when you try to reform him. You’ve got to have a good deal of your own detachment, and some source of creative life of your own, if you want to make a relationship work with an Aquarian. He’s not prepared to put that much into relationships on an emotional level. You simply have to get used to it, and learn to read his signals, not his words. A good deal of the time, what Aquarian says about his feelings should not be taken literally. You can take his word for it on his ideological views, or his special subject of study. He’s pretty reliable there, and usually knows what he’s doing. About his own emotions he usually knows very little. Learn to use your instincts, and learn a little telepathy. But don’t expect an honest expression; you’ll get what he calls honesty, which usually has nothing to do with it, because in this realm he isn’t very honest with himself.

On the other hand, expect a good deal of unconscious emotional dependency. That independent spirit, with his mental mind in the clouds and his eyes on the future, is more sensitive than he can ever know. He’s terribly vulnerable emotionally, rather childlike, which is why he takes such great pains to mask his emotions from everybody including himself. He would consider it weakness. If you need overt displays of it, avoid Aquarius. If you’re confident enough in yourself to know you’re worth loving, and can appreciate the friendship this man offers, you’re fine. And who knows? You may even reform him, within reason.

From the book “Astrology for Lovers,” written by Liz Green.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

Mind power and ability to detach yourself from personal considerations are your chief assets. You can reason things out with a fine, hard, critical analysis and, through being able to keep your emotions out of situations you achieve an unusually sane judgment. If you have had a good education you go far in an intellectual, creative, or professional career. You are expressive and can be eloquent in either writing or speech. You can reason from a minimum of evidence and through intellectual subtlety can make the worse appear the better cause. You are a hard opponent in argument or debate, and even in personal matters you bring your reason and your argumentativeness to bear. You believe in the power of the spoken and written word, and this is likely to make oddities in your emotional life. You can think up reasons and excuses for your affections and emotions and expect other people to do the same. You aren’t an especially good loser, either in intellectual or emotional matters, and you have a way of seeming hurt if people don’t agree with you or if your persuasiveness fails. Your emotions are so bound up with your thinking processes that you think those who love you ought to agree with you and those who agree with you must love you. Since the rest of the world doesn’t understand this attitude, you are likely to feel pretty lonely. A good deal of self-pity accompanies this position. You take yourself pretty seriously and feel aggrieved when others do not do the same. A peculiarly detached approach to matters of affection and love brings you disappointments, for you are much in need of companionship, which you do not make apparent in the most direct manner possible. You are sensitive and very conscious of rebuffs, perhaps imagining them when they do not actually exist. You are proud and therefore appear self-sufficient, which you are not really at all.

Grant Lewi

Aquarius Employee

You shouldn’t have any trouble spotting your Aquarian em­ployee. He’s the one with all the friends. You know, the one who forgot his brief case this morning-the same man who casually dropped in your office last month to borrow your fountain pen and left behind a production idea which has saved your company $30,000 in overtime so far, ac­cording to the latest check by the auditor.

It should also be a snap to remember the day you hired him. He’s that fellow you thought came in to sell you a box at Yankee Stadium-then you decided he was soliciting funds for Shakespeare-in-the-Park, finally figured he was taking one of those political polls-and didn’t realize until after he left that he had actually stopped by to apply for a job. If you don’t remember him, it’s five-to-one your secretary does. Aquarius men seem to make an instant and lasting impression on women, even those who look like neglected, underfed puppy dogs with figures loosely resembling Ichabod Crane’s. Some people might jump to the hasty conclusion this is the mother-instinct, but they would be wrong. The real Uranus attraction for females is the Aquarian’s absolute indifference to their existence. It drives them to distraction. He’s a challenge they can’t resist-so they either retaliate by trying to vamp him or by snubbing him back, neither of which makes the slightest impression on your Aquarian employee. He can be totally blind to a female co-worker for weeks, literally not seeing her, then one fine spring morning suddenly startle her with the information that her eyes are the exact shade of a robin’s egg he once found in a tree, and she’s gone. I mean, completely lost. She may not type a word the rest of the day.

Life with an Aquarian employee can be exhilarating and leave you a little breathless. It’s not that they’re extroverts or flamboyant or practical jokers. Quite the reverse. Many Aquarians are sober, cool, aloof and removed from the mad world around them. The only trouble is that they’ve removed themselves fifty years ahead, and when they rocket back to the present every few days or so, they’ve bagged some unusual ideas from the stratosphere. If you’re a smart boss, you’ll invite the Uranus man to your office for a chat once a week. It could be profitable. Who knows what you might pick up? When he tells you in the proper tech­nical language exactly what’s wrong with that loose screw under the fourth bolt in the new machine that keeps breaking down, you may start to wonder if he has been to Mars and back since you saw him on the elevator yester­day. Especially after you check personnel records and see that he didn’t take a course in science or mechanics at college. Still, the informal conference with him may not always turn out so profitably. He may leave after that little confidential talk with your check for a few thousand dollars for the preservation of Basketball on Indian Reser­vations-or the Research Society for Investigating Psychic Phenomena in Smyrna. The Aquarian interests are world­wide.

Chances are this seemingly quiet, brilliant and friendly young man won’t stay around long enough for you to re­member his face. The Aquarian male will either begin at the top, work his way up there in a few weeks, decide to go it alone as a composer, photographer, ornithologist, dancer, singer, clown, writer, juggler, athlete, geologist, radio or TV announcer, etc.-or leave you to drift from job to job “looking for himself.” Someday he’ll find him­self, too. When he does, he usually stays in one place for a lifetime. Until that moment of truth, however, our Uranus-ruled friends spend a period of time just roaming around, experimenting, learning, looking, investigating, and picking up new friends.

He’s not sentimental by nature. He has a scientific atti­tude, but there’s also a strong interest in people, what makes them laugh and what makes them cry. An Aquarian does not lean toward emotionalism (except rarely when he’s in the clutch of an eccentric rush of behavior, perhaps a reaction to some very disturbing personal experience). Unfortunately, his ideas and opinions are often considered irrational and impractical, but that’s just because his critics aren’t tuned to his frequency-half a century ahead. Imagine how your grandmother felt when some Aquarian back in the nineties tried to describe color television and astronauts landing on the moon. That gives you a fair idea of the reception Uranus-ruled people get today when they start in on their theory of a time machine, and how it could be designed with safety valves so a defective switch won’t get you lost somewhere in 1770.

You may notice the Aquarian employee with a different friend each week or so. It’s difficult for him to be satisfied with any one individual at a time, since his sympathies run into so many channels. It’s common for him, therefore, to give more friendship than he receives.

The first thing you may have to do is decide which kind of Aquarian you have employed. There’s only one basic Uranus type-but there are two ways in which the Aquarian nature can manifest itself. The first kind is the suave, pipe-smoking professor type, with a relaxed manner and not a few eccentric habits, who lives in an elegant but curious apartment full of Egyptian mummies, a tree from India planted in the center of the room, bells from Sumatra, 16th Century tables and early American rockets, plus a mod painting or two and maybe an old airplane propeller hanging over the fireplace. He dines on gourmet foods like roasted grasshoppers and steak tartar with ants’ eggs sprin­kled on top. He’s usually brilliant.

The other kind lives in a tiny room over the subway, eats mustard sandwiches and watches his favorite TV show on the first set ever manufactured. He scatters his inventions all over the corner table, picks out tunes on a dusty piano, and washes the dishes once a week. He is also brilliant. The trouble is, when you get them both out in normal society, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Both are conscientious workers. Both have a high degree of intelligence, as well as uncanny perception and a fine sensitivity to everyone around them. They each soak up knowledge while appearing to be engrossed in some abstract theory. Their memories are weak but their intuitive powers more than make up for it. They’re extremely odd in their habits, kind and sympathetic, usually very courteous, and they wear unusual combinations of clothing. They’re each loyal, honest and have a strict code which is never violated. ;

Both are bachelors, and they number about five thousand good friends each, ranging from Leonard Bernstein and Joe Namath to Scarface Al and Minnie, the apple lady who’ takes numbers. So you see? An Aquarian is an Aquarian. A pipe, a mustard sandwich or a couple of Egyptian mum­mies between a couple of lotus trees have nothing at all to do with it.

You can be safe in assuming your Aquarian worker is giving you a full day’s work for his pay. Although he’s probably the real cause of your secretary’s severe skin rash her doctor can’t diagnose or cure, he may end up on the front page of The New York Times someday, being pre­sented with a plaque or something and you can say “I knew him when.” He can also contribute some pretty sane, con­crete thinking to your firm which will possibly even result in bringing it up to the Twentieth Century. He’s utterly trustworthy with company secrets, and probably the best customer’s man -you can find, because he’ll make friends with your coldest client and wonder why everyone thought he was so tough to deal with. To the Aquarian, he’s just another human with some intriguing aspect to his per­sonality to be uncovered with a few polite, direct questions and a little observation.

This employee isn’t likely to nudge you constantly for a raise, because money is usually down there on the bottom of his list, along with women. But he’s shrewd enough to know his worth, and it wouldn’t be wise to take advantage of him. He may cause some raised eyebrows, but he’ll seldom cause any scandal or petty office gossip. You won’t find him filled with much intense, driving ambition, yet he has one of the finest minds in the zodiac. If you should decide he knows enough to make him your partner, he’ll never steal the business from you-and he can be a most decided asset, possibly even bring worldwide prestige to the firm someday.

When he does eventually decide to get married, you may lose a good secretary (he won’t want his wife to work), but you want the poor girl’s skin rash to clear up, don’t you?

Linda Goodman