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Aquarius Child

An Aquarius child is a sort of puzzle for his parents. He is sensitive, adamant, a little shaky, ingenious and impulsive, all at the same time. It becomes a little difficult to decide whether he is an extremely crazy youngster or an exceedingly intelligent prodigy. He may turn out to be the next Einstein or become an ordinary salesman at a departmental store. However, his future depends much upon how you shape his personality. Don’t try to force your opinions on an Aquarian baby; he will vehemently oppose them.

Just give him sometime and let him think over it, mostly probably he will find it correct and accept it in the end. You will hardly find his behavior predictable. From a usually calm and pleasant individual, he can suddenly turn into a stubborn and restless one. Inconsistencies and contradictions rule his characteristics profile. Aquarius children may not know where to go, but they always know which road to take. They demand logic behind every action and their personality traits reflect a blend of common sense and perception.

They have a large number of friends and love to help their friends whenever they can. Your Aquarian child loves to chase dreams. No sooner will one be over that he will be chasing another one. Somehow, he never dreams what the other children dream of. For instance, he will never think about becoming a doctor, rather he will want to be an oceanographer. Even though he may have to settle down with the former, he will never forget the latter one and may even make it come true one day.

Aquarians tend to be absent minded and this may result in quite a few accidents. Even at school, your Aquarian child may always be pointed out for not paying much attention. However, this will be supported by good grades, more often than not. On one hand, he has a good intuition and this helps him in arriving at the solution even before he has fully heard the problem. On the other hand, he tends to forget things like his home address way too often. He will have unusually intelligent thoughts every now and then, but they will not be in a logical sequence.

You will have to teach your Aquarius baby to compile his thoughts in a proper order, so that they make sense. In the contrary, his genius would either go waste or it may lead to some eccentricity. He will not be too enthusiastic about sports, infact any kind of physical activity. Mentally, he will be thousand miles away from the other children in a jiffy. Nature will attract him and he will feel one with it. Aquarius children have a very sharp sixth sense and they can easily absorb the negative vibrations around them. This may lead to a disturbance in their emotional balance and break their usual tranquility and harmony.

Encourage, don’t force, them to do something. Before saying anything to an Aquarius child, measure your words carefully. They may make a lasting impression on his personality. He will have lots of friends, but romance is something he will take time to understand. Still, he loves people and tries to help them in every possible way he can. Do you think he dreams too much and too far ahead? His dreams are tomorrow’s reality. Just believe in them and one day, you will see him making those things others could never even think of!

Aquarius Shadow

As you might expect, the dark face of Aquarius, the secret side which he often can’t face, springs from his complete dedication in ordinary life to his ethical codes. Where Aquarius consciously strives for selflessness, his shadow side is completely self-centred; where his dedication to others is often faultless in ordinary life, his shadow is dedicated to the upholding of his position of control.

You can see the shadow side peeping through especially in those situations where Aquarius is on his ideological hobby-horse. Watch him corner the centre of the stage, and push anybody else off who happens to disagree with him. Usually reasonable to a fault, all that repressed longing to be somebody special in his own right sometimes drives him to rather odd behaviour. The result is that he frequently can’t practise what he preaches, especially in personal relations. Equality is fine for humanity, but not for you.

There is also another side to the Aquarian shadow, connected with the first. This is his secret longing to be liked and admired by everyone – to the degree where he can often be pushed uphill against his principles for fear of what others think of him. It’s sometimes termed weakness of character, or wishy-washiness. And it’s rather surprising when you see it next to the kind of courage of conviction which is more usually his behaviour.

What all this boils down to can be put into one rather unpleasant word: hypocrisy. This is the greatest danger, the greatest foible in the Aquarain temperament. He says one thing and often does another unwittingly. And it’s frequently those closest that suffer for it. Take his ideals of equality, for example. You’ll hear many Aquarians wax eloquent on this theme. Whether it’s equality between races, or freedom to worship as one pleases, or equality of rights between the sexes, Aquarius can go on for hours on this theme, once he gets warmed up. But you’ll often see a pronounced inequality displayed in his personal life – especially toward those who display the emotionalism or irrationality which he so fears and despises. His wife, often is given no real ‘equality’ – he simply can’t be bothered to listen to anything which isn’t presented in a logical form. His children are often given no real ‘equality’ – their demands are too selfish, too emotional, for his taste. His real equality is reserved for verbal debate, when he will always offer his opponent the right to speak. But equality of heart is often difficult for him, because his concept of equality is limited to the realm of ideas and intellect.

Another adjunct to this particular shadow side of Aquarius is his propensity to reform everybody. This, too, is contradictory to his belief that all people should be granted freedom of choice, so long as they agree with him. Watch a zealous Aquarian pursuing his pet subject – whether it is women’s liberation, socialism, distribution of wealth, ecology, or whatever. Usually his hobby-horses always concern the benefit of some group or other. But if you don’t happen to agree with him, you’re given short shrift. No equality for you. You’ve disagreed; and of course there’s only one truth, isn’t there? Often Aquarius can’t see the paradox in his behaviour. The epitome of it is in what Marx called Dialectic Materialism. Or perhaps in Democracy: government by the people, of the people, for the people. And if you don’t agree with it, then, by God, you’ll be made to. The innate contradiction in all this is very elusive to the Aquarian mind. The worker for whom the revolution is fought is coerced into a behaviour pattern and a life which he has not a jot of freedom – to pursue his own religious inclinations, his own creative enterprise, or his own freedom of speech. Yet the battle was fought for his freedom. It is pretty difficult to refrain from commenting on the hypocrisy of this attitude.

Now, the hypocrisy of the Aquarian shadow isn’t deliberate. He genuinely doesn’t see it, doesn’t know about it. If he did, he would be abjectly shocked – because he doesn’t mean to be unfair. You might say that this strange shadow side appears because he’s so rigid in his expectations of himself and of others. His attempts to reform human nature are, in many ways, a projection onto others of his belief that he should reform his own. But he often doesn’t realize that all such attempts, like charity, must begin at home.

Another facet to this is the practise-what-you-preach exercise. Aquarius usually doesn’t. This type of Aquarian is most in evidence in the learned professions. He knows a great deal about the maps, models, techniques, mechanisms and behaviour patterns of his favorite subject of study: man. But he often can’t learn these in application to his own behaviour patterns. Because he’s so often out of touch with his own emotions, they sneak up on him, and make him do things he doesn’t see or understand. Anger, resentment, jealousy, longing, need, helplessness, fear – the ordinary gamut of human foibles – are often things he will simply not acknowledge, because they make him nervous. He has them, the same as anybody else. He just doesn’t see them. But then, it’s typical of the shadow of every sign. You don’t always see the shadow you cast behind you, because the light is in front of you, and you’re busy looking at the light.

Nobody has any testimony about what Mrs. Lincoln thought of her husband. Or what Mrs. Edison thought. We can only conjecture. But you can see the Aquarian shadow in a lot of places: the Aquarian politician campaigning for equality which he can’t be bothered to give the time of day (or any freedom) to his family, the Aquarian psychologist who knows all the theories but hasn’t spotted his own emotional needs, the Aquarian doctor who devotes his time and energy to his patients while his loved ones must find a clinic for treatment. The list is long. The solution? Like the shadow problems of all the signs, this one needs awareness. It also means that ideals, in order to be worth anything at all, have to be tempered with not only compassion, but with realism. Human nature just isn’t perfect yet – certainly not perfect enough to behave in the fashion in which many Aquarians demand. Total selflessness is simply an impossibility. Like the other airy signs, Aquarius often doesn’t remember that though we have our heads in heaven, our feet are on the earth and our bodies have evolved up through the animal kingdom. To Aquarius, man is not a dual creature; he is a son of the gods. As Menande said, ‘the intellect in every man is God.’ When Aquarius understands that the feelings and the visions and the body of every man are god as well, then he can become what he truly is at heart: the visionary and the prophet, the server of the race, the contributor to the welfare of humanity in great ways or small.

Sun sextile Mars

Sun sextile Mars: One of your strengths is your high level of physical vitality and energy. You are an ACTION person, a doer, a go-getter, and you can pack more activity into a day than most people do in a week. You enjoy fighting the good fight, taking on challenges with relish, and you are inherently quite competitive but not in a way that provokes anger or fierce opposition from others. Because in the past you have succeeded in achieving your goals, you now have an inner expectation of success and of being a winner, a natural self-confidence that you draw on without even thinking about it. You have developed many positive “masculine” qualities, such as courage, will power and the ability to take initiative. You tend to be a leader without having to struggle or coerce others into accepting your authority. Occasionally, however, you may overpower other people without realizing it, since they may not have the energy resources that you do.

Karmic Insight report

Sun sextile Mars: You have abundant physical vitality and little hesitancy in using it. You are always on the move. Your aims and purposes, being direct and clear and animated by a good physical equipment, carry you to success. You are forceful, hard-hitting, aggressive, knowing where you stand and where you are going. You wear out less energetic souls by the speed and continuous level of your activities, for you are seemingly tireless and can stand shoulder to shoulder with the strongest when it comes to matters of endurance. Since a good deal of the success of this world in material matters depends on physical vitality, you have an edge on competitors. You are an excellent leader not so much of thought as of action (unless Mercury is powerful) and frequently choose the army or navy as your field of activity, where you speedily rise to authority; or business, where you won’t long stay in a subordinate position. You overwhelm people, and they naturally give way to you. If you also have Moon square or opposite Saturn, or Mercury conjunct Venus, or Mercury conjunct, square, or opposition Saturn, or Mercury conjunct Uranus, or Mercury conjunct Neptune: This occurs with strong intellectual and creative bents. You are a leader of thought and a powerful personality.

Heaven Knows What

Sun conjunct Venus

You are popular, a favorite with the other sex, with a robust magnetism and fire to your personality that comes from high good spirits, and a sort of all-pervading optimism and good fellowship. In a woman’s horoscope this will give you more than your share of admirers, and they will have good financial and social backgrounds; girls with this position generally marry above their station without sacrificing love. Women under this aspect frequently trip to the altar with the boss or his son. In a man’s horoscope you are a favorite with women, lucky in love and in other things too; loyal, devoted, and ardent, the prototype of the Great Lover. Idealism lends a curious glamour to your appearance, for you are easy to look at, and your idealism sticks out all over you, throwing a kind of magnetic aura around you. It’s sex appeal but also something more idealistic than that – the appeal of a Janet Gaynor rather than of a Mae West. You love nice things and have an exquisite, as well as a lavish, taste. In both emotional and material matters this is a highly intensifying influence and will heighten and tend to improve any other aspects to the Sun or to Venus.

Grant Lewi

Sun in Aries

Aries’ great independence is a symptom of vitality and physical energy and becomes intellectualized later in life, if at all. The highest type of Arian becomes capable of idealizing and universalizing his love of independence, which has its source in egocentricity. The first ambition of the Arian is to be first. He is an inveterate contestant, a professional competitor. His object is not so much the material stake as the glory of winning. He will never boast about coming in second; the also-rans he beats impress him less than the one fellow who beats him and thus steals his rightful place at the head of the procession.

Literally as well as figuratively this first-ness shows. Your Arian walks one step ahead of his companions, goes through doors first, has the first word (and often the last) in any argument. He loves arguments, not as a means of arriving at truth so much as a means of demonstrating that he can come out in front. He often wins by sheer noise and vitality – that is, he makes the other fellow cry uncle. Aries is frequently original in his efforts to be first, and, when not original, is sure to be novel. Any Arian who doesn’t understand the difference between originality and novelty should study the two words till he does. When an Arian is original he is a pioneer, an inventor, a great thinker. When he is only novel, he is putting first his ego ideal to be first and neglecting to make his ideas sound and his methods practical. He thus loses the benefit of his energy, his genius and his ambition. All the bugaboos of the ego beset the Arian, and he must beware of self-centeredness. This can make him arrogant, conceited, self-pitying, self-assertive, and in the face of opposition or restraint can lead to delusions of persecution in mild or acute form. To forget self, to become absorbed in mental matters, to put ideas first, and to make sure that originality (or novelties) rest on a sound basis of fact, to see the other fellow’s point of view, and to regard the other fellow’s needs, wishes, desires just as seriously as his own are the means by which Aries may emphasize his great good points, and insure that his desire to be first shall actually cause him to be first.

Grant Lewi

Sun conjunct Mercury: synastry, natal, meaning

You have a sound mentality. Along whatever lines you work you are fundamentally sane. Men and women with this aspect have an assurance against serious or permanent mental difficulties which will carry them through a whole lot of stress and bring them out the right side.

You are studious and sound in your intellectual work, but this position does not in itself make for creative ability. This will make for perseverance – the ability to add the ninety-nine percent of perspiration to genius’s one percent of inspiration.

Grant Lewi


The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury produces a sound mentality. You handle stress well. Yet you may think of yourself as a nervous person, and you may be. You have fixed opinions, although these may or may not be freely expressed depending on other factors in the chart. The thinking is much in harmony with the individuality expressed by the Sun. It’s hard for you to view yourself objectively, or as others see you. Usually much mental energy is shown by this placement.

Sun conjunct Mercury in synastry:

Talking and sharing ideas is highlighted in your relationship. You enjoy learning new things together and exchanging points of view. You work well together in planning, organizing, theorizing, writing, or communicating ideas in any manner. You work together effectively on daily chores, problems, or business activities. One of the first things you might notice when you meet is the ease with which you talk with each other–you are rarely short on something to say. You stimulate one another to think and express yourselves more clearly and creatively. The mental rapport between you may not be the most dramatic of romantic connections, but it helps you connect with ease, and it ensures that you will be able to sort through many problems by drawing upon rationality and logic.

Sun – astrology meaning
The Sun symbolises a personal identity. It shows us areas where the person should learn to be independent, where he should fulfill his potential, differentiate himself from others and shine. The position of the Sun may tell us which profession would best suit the character of a person.
Mercury – astrology meaning
Mercury is the planet that brings us interest in intellectual things, about teaching and learning. It also indicates into what depth we want to study things. It gives us natural intelligence and the ability to analyse and reproduce.

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Sun in Taurus

The singleness of purpose of the Taurean, his loyalty, his stick-to-it-iveness, spring from one source: his need for security. Self-preservation, the first law animating all assure in some degree, is the hub of the Taurean wheel of life; and the Taurean curls and dies within himself when security – emotional or material – is denied him. Not likely to be grasping, sure to be the embodiment of the idealist form of love, Taurus may himself, or herself, be quite unaware of inner motives, for self-analysis rarely important to this sign. Instincts are powerful and generally right – always right in so far as they serve the perhaps unarticulated motives of the Taurean, who, while not selfish in the ordinary material sense, sees to it that nothing interferes with the gratifying of his instinctual urge, self-preservation and its more abstracted form, self-fulfillment. The Taurean will not interfere with you if you don’t interfere with him in these essentials, but will fight like a bear at bay for his rights to these things. He is the easiest person to live with, if you are willing to live with him and not against him. Anyone who is going to get along with a Taurean must understand that to him or her cooperation doesn’t mean doing things together; it means doing things peacefully, in a friendly manner, even if the things are done separately. This kind of cooperation annoys people who are less self-sufficient until they learn that the heart of the Taurean comes home to roost only if you don’t try to coerce it, and will break itself against bars of any kind, even if the bars are put up by love itself. The Taurean is so sure of his need for security that he resents any implication that he needs watching or holding; his instinct is to hold himself to what he needs and wants – and he can’t by any force in the world be held to anything else. On the other hand, once he has polarized his instinct on an essential, he will cling to it with hands, teeth and toenails, and no one can tell him that it is unworthy, or wrong, or useless, or low. Once it is his, in that it satisfies his deepest needs, it is his forever, whether it be home, a man, a woman, ambition, love, money or anything. When the Taurean has determined in his deep and sometimes dark subconscious that his emotional or material security lies there, he goes there and stays there forever.

Grant Lewi

Aquarius Man

It seems that the psychology of the masculine combines very well with Aquarius to bring out the intellectual bias of the sign. So the epitome of the Aquarian male is the thinker, the dreamer, the philosopher, the scientist. Also, the problem men in our society have confronting emotional situations generally is aggravated in Aquarius. Aquarian women, while they don’t handle their own emotions very well, are usually at least aware of them. But no one is more out of touch with his own feeling nature than the typical Aquarian male.

So the Aquarian male is often one of the most infuriating people you will ever meet when it comes to relationships. First of all, the coolness has a lot of pride. Control of emotion is a big thing for Aquarius. No matter how much he’s hurting, unless he’s about to have a breakdown, he will often not grant you the satisfaction of knowing about it.

Another problem he’s got is that he often sees emotion as a demand. Remember the Aquarian is very big on the idea of freedom. This is often carried to outlandish extremes in personal relationships. Typical of it is the Aquarian man who refuses to tell you what day and time you’ll see him again – because he doesn’t ‘believe’ in time. Or the Aquarian man who ‘believes’ in open relationships, and tells you truthfully (because he believes in truth, and feels everything should be open between you) about the three other lovers you have to compete with. Not that you asked. It’s just that he believes in truth, and doesn’t understand why you should be hurt and make a scene. It’s unreasonable and possessive, and you shouldn’t be so self-centred. Everybody, he will tell you, benefits from it. Shouldn’t we all love each other? If you love him, you should love his other girlfriends, because they love him too, and he…Well, you know the story. It can make even the most tolerant lover develop homicidal instincts.

You may have the sort of Aquarian who simply refuses to discuss personal feelings. Or he may tell you you’re being very ‘heavy’ and too emotional. The problem is, he’s often grossly hypocritical about all this. When the tables are turned on him, he’s capable of behaving as much like Othello as any Scorpio is. But he won’t be as honest about it, because he’ll drag in things like honesty and loyalty and other concepts which damn your behaviour without conceding that the real root of his upset is his feelings, not his principles.

The only way to deal with this kind of Aquarian is to out-Aquarian him. That means challenging his beliefs, so that he can find out whether he really believes in them or not. If it means being a little unpredictable yourself, or requesting your own freedom of behaviour. Remember that this is a fixed sign. Fixed signs aren’t adaptable; they don’t adjust easily to other people. They have their own world, their own values. They don’t like being pushed. That reforming instinct in Aquarius simply doesn’t apply when you try to reform him. You’ve got to have a good deal of your own detachment, and some source of creative life of your own, if you want to make a relationship work with an Aquarian. He’s not prepared to put that much into relationships on an emotional level. You simply have to get used to it, and learn to read his signals, not his words. A good deal of the time, what Aquarian says about his feelings should not be taken literally. You can take his word for it on his ideological views, or his special subject of study. He’s pretty reliable there, and usually knows what he’s doing. About his own emotions he usually knows very little. Learn to use your instincts, and learn a little telepathy. But don’t expect an honest expression; you’ll get what he calls honesty, which usually has nothing to do with it, because in this realm he isn’t very honest with himself.

On the other hand, expect a good deal of unconscious emotional dependency. That independent spirit, with his mental mind in the clouds and his eyes on the future, is more sensitive than he can ever know. He’s terribly vulnerable emotionally, rather childlike, which is why he takes such great pains to mask his emotions from everybody including himself. He would consider it weakness. If you need overt displays of it, avoid Aquarius. If you’re confident enough in yourself to know you’re worth loving, and can appreciate the friendship this man offers, you’re fine. And who knows? You may even reform him, within reason.

From the book “Astrology for Lovers,” written by Liz Green.

Sun in First House

You identify strongly with the image you present to others. You make an impression on others — you have “presence” — and you know it. You are self-conscious, although you may prefer to project a strong image. You will feel at your best when you make a mark on the world, but avoid obsessing over what others think of you. Accept that you need to be a leader or an innovator, and go for it, but be careful not to be overbearing with others.

Alternate interpretation: With the Sun’s energy in the First House, your personality drive will find expression mainly through personal issues related to self-image, physical appearance and personal interests. You are required to acquire knowledge of self in order to sustain a true sense of identity, purpose and destiny. Strong will-power and self-assurance add strength to your personality. Very brave, positive and competitive, you develop natural leadership qualities. Your enterprising nature, with a capability for seizing opportunities is another factor for success – obstacles are overcome by sheer physical courage. You are to become self-determined and self-sufficient, carving your own path in life. Your enthusiasm for life may manifest as robust health and vitality. There may be some tendency to pride and insolence at times.

Character Profile.

Your inner drive can come so close to one’s self-image that you may find yourself in competition. On the other hand, if you are willing to let go of ego, you can both hand off operations and cover the inner and outer sides of life as one.

Alternate Interpretation: You have a clear sense of yourself and therefore convey a strong impression to others of who you are and what you want. Assertive and self-motivated, you can be a leader – one whom others look to for direction – but you compete and often clash with other strong individuals. You feel a need to be in control of your own life and you can be too self-involved, too immersed in your own interests, and oblivious to others at times.

Cosmo Natal Report

Sun in Capricorn

Self-preservation aggressively carried into ambition and aspiration is the key to Capricorn activity. Not content with keeping body and soul together, Capricorn must amount to something, must have some accomplishment to point to, some property to take care of, some obligation to fulfill. His mind is subtly balanced between defense and attack; he will rarely risk either, but will pyramid his life by stepping from one to the other. Since he will never voluntarily step backward, he first shoves his security a little above his ambition, and then his ambition a little ahead of his security, till finally he is top of the heap and has taken no risks at al1. He is worldly and careful; selfish, but capable of great devotion if he thinks it is merited; a stickler for the proprieties. He drives a hard bargain, but not an unjust one, and he asks no mercy from anyone. He has plenty of suspicion, and figures that anyone who can “put one over” on him has earned what he gets.

Not the most ardent of signs in personal relations, Capricorn’s love is still a much-to-be-desired thing, stable and steady, able to put up with a good deal for the sake of loyalty if not indeed for affection. He will rarely marry beneath his station, and frequently marries above it. He understands “Thee shouldst marry for love, but thou canst just as well love where there is money.” He is an excellent executive and will not long remain subordinate. He rules by instinct and sometimes makes those he rules quite angry. He has little interest in seeing their point of view or answering their questions, and believes that “orders is orders”: he took ‘em once, and now it’s someone else’s turn.

When the main chance requires it, Capricorn can be mild and meek as a lamb, but he’ll snap off the foreman’s job if he gets a chance. Once arrived, however, he can be lavishly charitable. He loves the sense of importance it gives him, the feeling that he has made the world give to him, and now he can afford to give something back to it. Underlying all his virtues and faults is the primary instinct to vindicate himself with power, to preserve himself materially in the highest structure he can build; and if some affliction in the horoscope doesn’t undermine his judgment (which it often does) and cause him to overplay his hand at some critical point, he generally emerges with the world or some considerable portion of it at his feet.

Grant Lewi

Sun in Gemini

Into strange paths leads the Gemini’s desire to be himself, to think for himself, to do for himself, and, ultimately and in its highest form, to become his best self. It takes him a long time to learn that he can’t possibly be anything except himself. The self he wants to be is at first not well defined, except that it has to be different from what his father, or his mother, or his brother, is. If the urge remains in the naive be different form, Gemini stays a bad child all his life, breaking rules, rebelling against authority, dashing hither and yon over the geographical, social and emotional world in order to make sure that he doesn’t yield his individuality to one place or one wife (or husband). Education or other discipline must come to Gemini through his own volition, and when it does is his salvation; for then the passion to be different turns into creative originality in business or the arts, and Gemini forges ahead. He will generally be found in the camp of liberalism, because it is against the status quo if for no other reason.

Sometimes Gemini rebels against the status quo of his own life, and thus the sign has a reputation for supporting Reno. But if his life gives him sufficient scope to be himself, Gemini stays settled. The more his concept of what it means to be himself diverges from the early, rebellious, sensational, adventurous urges toward intellectual excellence and a sense of social responsibility, the higher Gemini gets in the world, for his sense of what constitutes his best self is not limited. It often starts with free love, breaking school rules and talking back to cops. But here, with any luck at all, the Gemini versatility breaks in; also the Gemini practical good sense. He discovers that his self might just as well be something more stable, sets his self development along another line, and gratifies his desire to be himself in progress rather than in destruction. Everything depends on his subjective reaction to himself; and it therefore becomes his moral obligation to develop to the point where he is innerly satisfied by what is constructive. He will never do anything because someone, or a convention, tells him to; but he may, and often does, grow up to the point where his behavior satisfies himself best when it is going somewhere in a straight line, instead of nowhere in a circle.

Grant Lewi

Sun in Leo

The mainspring of Leo’s great energy, vitality and charm is his instinctive desire for both public acclaim and self-approval. Of all the signs, Leo is perhaps the most aware of himself; in a sense he is always before the looking glass, seeing what effect he is making. In shallow types this makes for mere vanity, pompousness, pride. Add profundity, and all this is changed. Your best Leo type is earnest, sincere, eager to please himself and the world around him and willing, in order to do so, to take on infinite work and go to infinite trouble. He is not genuinely introspective; he has little capacity to discover his inner faults; but he is very sensitive to the effect he makes on others, and studies therefore what to do to make a better effect. There is a difference here from self-analysis to improve character from the inside, but the difference is in method rather than in result.

For Leo, in the process of appearing something desirable, actually becomes something desirable. He knows instinctively the wisdom of the advice Hamlet gave his mother: “Assume a virtue if you have it not”. By assuming the appearance of a virtue for the sake of winning approval, he actually acquires the virtue itself, for he is the soul of truth and cannot behave as he doesn’t feel. He thus removes the curse from his play acting, for his sense of the dramatic is strong, and the roles he assumes are noble. This would be unbearable if in the process Leo did not actually become noble – but he does; some of the greatest spirits who have ever walked the earth are these very Leos who chose for themselves a high role in which to merit the world’s approval, lived up to the role, and actually became what they wanted to be admired for. “Such a price do the gods exact for a song, to become what we sing.” Whether he is found in business, on the stage (and he often is), or in a love affair (where also he often is), Leo is acutely aware of himself, always standing off and appraising the effect he is making. He will usually be found, if not conventional, at least discreet. Self-approval replaces conscience; he’ll do anything if he thinks it is right, and will brave public opinion if his self-approval is sufficiently important to outweigh the loss of public approval. However he behaves, you can rest assured that he is always acutely aware of what people are thinking of him and that he is striving to make them think as well as possible.

Grant Lewi