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Moon in Taurus

The Taurus Moon person is a veritable Ferdinand the Bull, with a basic serenity, taking time to smell the flowers. They often have a gift for raising them as well, for nature is dear to them. They have fine physical instincts, being especially good at caring for themselves or for sick people. These physical instincts contribute to the longevity and staying power of this Moon, as illustrated by Katharine Hepburn and Helen Hayes, grand yet earthy ladies of the theater and film, who got better as they got older. Part of the longevity may also be from their mellowness. [..]

Since serenity is foremost to this Moon sign, they tend to shrug off most day-today upsets and are not easily rocked off center. To ward off unpleasant feelings that might upset their precious peace of mind, they may overeat or overspend. Their mantra is “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” They become most disturbed when their money or comfortable routines or traditions are threatened. They also react badly under pressure to change, especially in a hurry, or when changes in their way of life are forced on them by society.[..]

For these folks, security means financial assets, and they can be unsettled until they have a comfortable bank balance. They particularly want and need property, feeling much safer owning their own homes. Possessions are important as tangible forms of security, so many collect costly items. [..]

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Horoscope Moon in Sagittarius

Whatever mundane tasks your life may be occupied with, your spirit will range the earth and the universe, adventuring in the high hills and among the stars themselves. And to whatever task you bring your talents, you will touch it with a universality of approach; for the effort of your soul is to identify itself with large and broad concepts, and you will do it from whatever base your feet of clay must rest in. You are acutely aware of the limitations of the flesh, of the height of your desires, and of the “wide gulf that exists between intention and performance.” In its worst form you will dedicate your life to making the paving bricks of hell: good intentions; and get no further. You always “mean well,” and when you don’t succeed, it is because your goal has been too lofty. “Not failure, but low aim is crime”: no one understands this better than you. When you also understand that setting an unattainable goal is one of the means of escaping responsibility, you will be on the highroad to self-knowledge and therefore success. You must make your goal high, but possible of achievement; and you must learn to gear your methods to the tools that you can lay your hands on. Your soaring spirit is all too likely to ignore realities, to consider itself above good and evil, above the dust of earthly competition, secure in the mansions of the blessed to which you don’t have to earn the key. Or you can go to the other extreme, envision high things, and so despair of achievement. You must take your picture of yourself as a broad and deep person, ant paint it in earthly oils on a practical canvas. When you have learned the technique of life-as-it-is, you will be able to make your image of yourself stand forth in the light and color of success for all to see as clearly as you see it yourself.

Moon-Sagittarius: sociable, optimistic, religious, idealistic, labile, fond of traveling, enthusiastic, self-complacent, moody, vain

Horoscope Moon in Scorpio

You take yourself seriously, conjuring up the image of a profound, wise and consequential person. To live up to this private picture in reality is a lifetime task; for you are your own accusing angel; your spirit stands aloof from the antics of your body, criticizing often, approving sometimes, always holding before the eyes of your soul a standard of profundity and depth which the poor flesh does not always achieve. Your standards are moral only in the highest and most general sense, with the morality of heaven and hell rather than of the confining flesh. You may be, or may become, angelic; but in the process you may first be the devil’s child, following your instincts even to the brink of The Pit, strong in the consciousness that “if I am the devil’s child, I must do as the devil bids.” A mystic strength enshrouds you even in weakness; you are supported by inner, perhaps unexpressed, convictions; you know what you’re doing, even when no one else in the world does, when your physical body acts strangely, and when your brain and your speech refuse to explain, even to yourself. There is a good deal of martyr in you; if you get the idea that your special genius requires a destructive course, you will follow it with whole-souled intensity, to the despair of your rational nature and all your friends. By the same token, if you get the idea that your genius requires self-betterment, self-sacrifice, even to monasticism, you will follow that, often to great heights. Your will is powerful; it will always work overtime on the side of the image you conjure of yourself. To conjure a high image which requires controlled actions for its realization is your way to control of self and others and to the high successes of which you are capable.

Moon-Scorpio: moody, instinctively driven, profound, excited, emotional, unconscious, anxious, passionate, sinister

Aries Sun Cancer Moon

Well, there’s no doubt about it – you are sensitive, extremely sensitive – and extremely capable. You have a good deal of pride in your own ability, a sort of determination to live up to the best that is in you in a personal and artistic way. This is one of the positions that makes for both artists and executives, students and doers at the same time, for your intellectual powers are strong and are bolstered up still further by an intuitive understanding of both people and things. You know how to catch the imagination of your audience, however broad or narrow it may be, without giving up any least iota of your own individualism, which is peculiarly precious to you. You have a keen social sense and a sense of the dramatic, which makes you lively company when you’re in the mood.

You are much subject to moods and can change from sprightly gayety to pretty heavy dejection, all in the twinkling of an eyelash. You know how to manage people to your own ends, which, if the truth can be known, do not always coincide with the ends of other people. There’s a good deal of selfishness here – perhaps not selfishness so much as self-centeredness. You know well enough what will make other people happy, but you are more likely than not to give your own whims precedence over the needs of other people – at the same time that you are able to make them think that you are really the best and most considerate of souls. You wouldn’t willfully hurt a fly, but, on the other hand, it seems as if you frequently do hurt people without understanding that you are doing so.

You have a keen sense of the dramatic and could therefore be successful either directly on the stage, as an actor, or in related arts and crafts that deal with drama through the spoken or written word. You are extremely fluent both in speech and writing, with a wit and charm to your manner of expression that make you popular. You give the impression of independence, originality, and dash, even when you’re internally quavering at your own daring and wondering how you are mustering up the courage to appear so exciting.
You love your home and all things connected with it despite the fact that this position often brings obligations from family ties that are far from appealing. You are able, through will power, to work out your intimate personal problems, but in the working out there may be a good deal of self-dramatization which impedes the progress of your rational solution. You should learn, for your greatest success, not to take yourself too seriously in your personal life; and to transfer your dramatic sense and your energy into the outer world where your natural talents will find a public, and a just reward.

Grant Lewi

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

Mind power and ability to detach yourself from personal considerations are your chief assets. You can reason things out with a fine, hard, critical analysis and, through being able to keep your emotions out of situations you achieve an unusually sane judgment. If you have had a good education you go far in an intellectual, creative, or professional career. You are expressive and can be eloquent in either writing or speech. You can reason from a minimum of evidence and through intellectual subtlety can make the worse appear the better cause. You are a hard opponent in argument or debate, and even in personal matters you bring your reason and your argumentativeness to bear. You believe in the power of the spoken and written word, and this is likely to make oddities in your emotional life. You can think up reasons and excuses for your affections and emotions and expect other people to do the same. You aren’t an especially good loser, either in intellectual or emotional matters, and you have a way of seeming hurt if people don’t agree with you or if your persuasiveness fails. Your emotions are so bound up with your thinking processes that you think those who love you ought to agree with you and those who agree with you must love you. Since the rest of the world doesn’t understand this attitude, you are likely to feel pretty lonely. A good deal of self-pity accompanies this position. You take yourself pretty seriously and feel aggrieved when others do not do the same. A peculiarly detached approach to matters of affection and love brings you disappointments, for you are much in need of companionship, which you do not make apparent in the most direct manner possible. You are sensitive and very conscious of rebuffs, perhaps imagining them when they do not actually exist. You are proud and therefore appear self-sufficient, which you are not really at all.

Grant Lewi

Aries Sun Libra Moon

This is a curiously difficult position, presenting a problem between the emotional and mental natures. You are ambitious, eager to get ahead and anxious to please people, with a sort of personality that seems to reach out to others as if you are in need of support and guidance and affection from someone or from many people. Despite a nature which in many ways is highly individualized, you are strangely dependent on others – can be thrown off your balance by lack of sympathy, or by coldness, or hardness, or lack of consideration in those around you. This is odd of you because you are perfectly capable of ignoring the feelings, opinions, and wishes of others when you get a set idea in your head. You go ahead in spite of man, God, and the devil, let the chips fall where they may – and like as not they fall right back on you, to your great confusion.

You will undoubtedly be found in a professional or artistic, rather than in an executive career, but you have a hard time concentrating and a tendency to daydream is your besetting evil. You can give the appearance of concentration and of working to beat all get out, at the same time that your mind is millions of miles away.

You are likely to resort to all kinds of devices to accomplish concentration – and when you get it, be unable to do anything anyway. You have to bear in mind, in all things, that the solution to your problems is not to be found in other people or in your surroundings, but in yourself. Until such a time as you cease to look to the outer world for support, sympathy, and guidance and take yourself gently but firmly by the scruff of the neck and (to mix metaphors) look yourself squarely in the face, you are likely to waste your energies woefully.

Whether you’re merely a daydreamer, or think yourself inspired, or a medium, your surest recipe for success is to plant your feet solidly on terra firma, look into your own nature with infinite detachment, and determine how you and the world in which you find yourself may be brought realistically and constructively into contact with each other. A sort of romantic belief in yourself, unaccompanied by action, makes it likely that you will not develop to the highest point, while romantic matters tending to go awry further confuse your mind by introducing a note of frustration. You’ll do best to avoid romance as much as possible. Get your love life settled early and then forget it; learn to take these matters more for granted, less dramatically – for if you don’t your life is likely to be one continuous drama in which you, as the leading character, will not be able to find time for anything of material consequence.

A certain facility for poetry accompanies this position but only in the presence of rigid intellectual training can this be made constructive and progressive. Though your tendency is to the arts, you will make greater progress along more material lines, such as business, in which you will have to force yourself to think things out straight and true, and where perforce you will have to swallow that inspirational lump that keeps rising in your throat. Stick to the facts, and the Great Principles will take care of themselves.

Grant Lewi