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Horoscope Pluto in Libra

You are part of a 12 year group of people who are deeply interested in personal relationships. Your age group has a deeply-rooted yearning to see people relating and communicating with each other effectively and harmoniously. There is little egotism and a willingness to hear the other person’s side of the story and a readiness to compromise and arbitrate different points of view. In fact, the need for harmonious, peaceful relationships is so strong that there is a tendency to overlook real differences and to focus only on the similarities in an attempt to bring different parties into harmony with each other.

Interest in psychology and sociology is high in your age group. There is a tremendous heightening of awareness of social skills. Your age group will experiment with different marriage styles, family relationships, and even business relationships in an attempt to bring fair treatment and effective communication between people. Interest and appreciation for other cultures is also strong, and your age group will work hard to preserve and support the cultural heritage of all ethnic groups.

Your strong yearning for equitable and harmonious relationships is also reflected in major advancements in trade agreements, arms control, and international cooperation that are designed and implemented by your generation. These agreements and policies foster a much safer and more cooperative environment for all, although there is also a tendency for greedy individuals to take advantage of the conciliatory atmosphere and twist situations to their own ends.

In short, you are part of a generation of individuals who are deeply interested in other people; you are a humanistic and humanitarian group. You will struggle and experiment with personal relationships, and forge new models for how people can relate as friends, family members, and members of nations as well.

Horoscope Pluto in Aries

You are part of a 30 year group of people who have the courage to throw out habitual customs and methods and explore new possibilities. Your generation is motivated by a deep sense of individuality, freedom, and independence. You are a group of freethinkers and individualists who do not tolerate oppressive authority, and sometimes you resist even mild authoritarian pressures. Your sense of individual freedom and self-determination runs very deep, and many of you stubbornly resist social customs, and become iconoclasts and outspoken critics of long-held beliefs. You do not balk at attacking sacred doctrines or institutions, and the world is certainly left a much different place by the time your generation reaches later life!

Out of your generation come new concepts in government and social organization, science, and the arts. Only a handful of people in your generation will go down in history for proposing a radically new idea or inventing new methods, but everyone in your generation is caught by the fire of innovation and discovery.

Radical changes and new ideas are not easily implemented, and many of the ideas brought forth by your generation will be overlooked or fail to find practical application for several decades. Other ideas, however, will be readily applied and utilized in practical ways.

Some of the concepts and perspectives offered by your age group are rather simplistic and one-sided, particularly in areas that involve many complex issues, such as political science, sociology, and psychology. Too often a member of your generation follows an ideology with fanatical fervor, failing to consider all sides of an issue and disregarding virtually all of the wisdom and understanding gained through history. Your generation has a youthful exuberance that breaks new ground but, like a youth, can lack the wisdom and experience to devise a comprehensive and adequate plan.

Some members of your generation will become spokespersons of the generation’s desires and goals. Others, on the other hand, will try to avoid getting caught up in the fervor. The best approach is to “do your homework” and then charge ahead!