Taurus Horoscope 2022

A new year, even a new decade is breaking. The Year Horoscope 2022 tells you what to expect in the Great Year of the Moon.

Horoscope 2022 for Taurus

The earth sign Taurus is dominated by Venus. Bulls embody art, beauty, physical and mental strength and stability. The star sign Taurus begins on April 21st and ends on May 20th.
Taurus decades:

  1. 1st Decan: From April 21 to April 31, ruled by Venus and Mercury
  2. 2nd Decan: From April 30 to May 10, ruled by Venus and the Moon
  3. 3rd Decan: From May 11th to May 20th, governed by Venus and Saturn

The annual Horoskop 2022 for the Zodiac Taurus : Hold on tight – next year brings a fresh wind your life quite confused. It will be exciting!

There might be a few minor aftershocks, but the biggest shock is over. Was pretty hard for you: In recent years, old securities have fallen sharply. And that’s a particularly tough test for people like you, who only work their best on a stable foundation.

This will be your spring 2022

One thing is certain: The stars promise you the most beautiful spring in years . In addition to love and caresses, you can look forward to outstanding successes.


Your love stars in the Year Horoscope 2022

Couples experience a special intimacy

Until September , the signs are on seduction . Especially March will be a very special month for couples, the whole world will recognize their happiness. This happiness can be lived out in May and June thanks to erotic Mars behind closed doors.

From August it goes to a deeper level. Profound conversations, empathy and mutual understanding are on the plan. So listen carefully!

And who knows, maybe the end of the year will bring one or the other surprise, of course in a positive sense.

Single bulls are very seductive

From mid-January to mid-February , singles should try and see what happens. Maybe more can develop, but if you’re not ready for a tight bond, that’s okay too.

In March you will experience your absolute best of the year in terms of love . Venus is in her zodiac sign from 5 March to 4 April and increases the flirting opportunities many times over. It gets hot in May and June, when Mars sends you some erotic energies.

Occupation and money

You can be proud of yourself – discipline and perseverance accompany you in the first month of the new year. No wonder you can easily master even difficult projects. This is the occasion to develop new ideas and broaden your horizons. Until 12.5. You are bursting with success. No challenge is safe from you. Time to reward yourself and to fulfill your heart’s desire .

You can take a little bit back from the beginning to the middle of August, but only to start full throttle again from the second half of August. Since you have a little break in the autumn more than earned, especially since in December the next great success is waiting for you.

Your health in the annual horoscope 2022

New Year’s resolutions show their effect. Thanks to the Capricorn energy, you will have no problems enforcing it until the end of March, and sporting intentions even until May 21st.

In contrast, from June, they will be able to take things a little easier again. Wellness, relaxation and good food are now on the plan. Only then can you survive the stressful phase in August .
Even the fall is your kidneys. Go for a walk or escape from your everyday life, so that you get rid of the head every now and then.

THE YEAR’S SHORESKOP FOR THE BULL 2022 by star astrologer Erich Bauer

2022 makes you look outwardly and inwardly rich.

They will be supplied completely in the coming year. When it comes to achievements out there in the world, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus take care of you. With this trio they are as well prepared as they have not been for a long time. Everything you can do, what you are doing, quite a career jump up or your own shop, your personal practice and any other initiative.

Your stars are like a lucky package that provides you with everything: love, money, health – everything is included. Of course, it is not the case that blessings like sunshine fall from the sky. It is well known that “the stars make you inclined, but you do not commit anything.” So you need the right attitude. Let’s start with Pluto. He is in an uplifting aspect. They receive an invitation from him to become bigger, more powerful, more important. The power for this ascent you get from the past.

Correctly understood, you should connect with the skills of your parents and ancestors. Suffice it to return in quiet moments and enumerate inwardly what the people who were before you have accomplished. Then their power of that time flows into your life today and becomes even stronger. Let’s get to Uranus! This planet is in your star sign all year round. What does he want? They should become more specialized and individual. It’s true, every person has very specific abilities. He is great in that. When he brings these skills out, he creates something. But if he does what everyone does, he does not get very far. So think about what your very special skills are and bring them in 2022. The third planet is Jupiter. He says they are not allowed to spill, but to gobble. He wants you to enter the new year with passion and idealism. Then you succeed in a masterpiece and you are financially better off. Even more is that you also feel rich inside. Are you happy.


More about Taurus in 2022

Especially in the first half of the year you absorb new knowledge like a dry sponge. Good times to fulfill old dreams, finally to take singing lessons or to visit the long planned cooking class. The fresh breeze that blows through your life also brings new momentum to your relationships.

In the partnership, the passion returns, old friendships come to life again. Especially from August to October you can make new bonds very easily – so many singles will discover the joys of togetherness. And the job?

You can feel the upturn, especially in April and November. And with a little luck you could make the big hit in September. So: Let the corks pop on New Year’s Eve, your year 2022 will be great!

Next year it will be really exciting for you. This is because of Neptune, which leads you into a realm where a bull does not get lost so often: into the interiors of the soul, the world of dreams and the fine perception of what happens between the lines.

From April to September, you will feel tired and exhausted over and over again and have a hard time diligently completing your day-to-day business. Because it is fermenting in you, you could turn more to psychology or esotericism, areas that are in a certain tension with your pronounced sense of reality.

It is precisely this that could create a viable new framework for your life.

And suddenly you do things you did not dare to think about for a long time. This can be the leap into professional independence – especially in April and in November, the stars are good for it. Or you plunge into heart adventures: Singles fall in love with each other like a long time. And well-established partnerships are set in motion.

Make sure that you do not imperceptibly alienate your loved one. Then the new can be a chance. Take advantage of them!

Born to be wild? Normally this is not your life motto, but in 2022, everything is different, because Uranus crosses your path. Under his influence, you are ready to risk something – and can win a lot. However, if you take full advantage of the flight ahead, you should ensure driving comfort and remember the road map. In other words, do not change mindlessly, but always think about where the journey should go.

In which area of ​​life do you feel imprisoned, bored? Where, perhaps, have you been seized by your sense of duty, pushing you into something you can not unfold? Now is the time to solve such brakes, whether at work or in private life. Especially in April and in May, decisive things could change.

A certain restlessness is part of it, as is the change between euphoria and fears.

No wonder you are not the most balanced in 2022 – it can make a lot of noise with your friends and partner, also because you are allergic to advice. Rightly so, when the others want to slow down any change. But there are also people who are serious about you.

Especially in the fall you should give them a chance and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. At least at this stage should apply to you: Born to be mild.

Taurus and Cancer know what they have in common. They like to stick to the tried and tested and do not give up in a crisis. Taurus and Virgo do not expect life to be just a celebration. Nevertheless, they have a sense of comfort and enjoyment.

Taurus and Capricorn are the career couple par excellence. They animate each other to ever new peak performances. Taurus and fish complement each other wonderfully: The bull organizes and plans, the fish provides a musical flair and that certain something.

Nicely complicated:

Taurus and Sagittarius remain alien. While the bull loves familiar rituals, the shooter always looks for a new kick. Taurus and Aquarius are having a hard time together. The bull seeks love for eternity, Aquarius wants to break out.


  1. Family is everything for her.
  2. Music manages to calm down an angry bull.
  3. The bull does not have to say much.His expression will tell everything about him or her.
  4. Unlike other people, when a bull says “I love you,” he really does.
  5. A bull will be there for you in difficult times.
  6. In some days the born bull will work hard, while at others his only goal will be to relax on the sofa, watch a movie.
  7. Have you upset a bull?I hope God has mercy on your soul.
  8. The Taurus believes that no matter how many times he falls, he will always find a way to get back up.
  9. Do not even bother disturbing a sleeping bull.
  10. Beauty and wisdom, the bull has the whole package.
  11. The bull hates noises except music.
  12. Even if you hurt him, a bull will always be loyal.
  13. To try to make a born bull jealous would be inadvisable.You will only make him lose interest in you.
  14. Changing the mind of a Taurus is a mission that is impossible, especially if you’re 100% sure you’re right.
  15. Bulls can create their own universe … one that no one can understand.
  16. You’ll never know what’s going on in a bull’s head because they do not share deep thoughts with anyone.
  17. Bulls enjoy pampering their great lovers, but with little gestures, rather than money.
  18. A born bull will listen to you, but never expect him to agree with you.
  19. They enjoy making everyone laugh.
  20. For some reason, bulls have a rather small circle of friends.
  21. Bulls want you to believe in them when they can not do it themselves.
  22. Never tell a bull what to do or not to do, because then he will do it on purpose, just to confuse you.
  23. It is the most persistent zodiac sign that exists.Without any doubt.
  24. When a born bull collapses, it is most likely due to the massive amount of accumulated frustration.
  25. Bulls are not interested in whether people find them strange.
  26. Bulls will always prefer a nap over their daily tasks.
  27. Bulls will not talk behind your back.You will say everything in your face.
  28. Once you make a bull nervous, it’s extremely difficult to calm him down.
  29. They can change their state of mind rapidly and often isolate themselves from other people.
  30. Bulls have a fantastic memory and absorb information like a sponge.