Taurus Horoscope 2015

Let’s start with the good news, from August 12, 2015, you can rise to power in whatever field you choose, in other words you’ll be lucky and will benefit from many opportunities. New love relation may appear in your life. The lovers may be idealized and put up on a pedestal. You may expect ultimate fulfillment from a lover or a love affair, or think you offer it yourself. You may enjoy teaching a love partner, or expect her/him to have the answers. Take care, there will be a risk – you may demand too much from your lover, take him/her for granted, or have unrealistic expectations, but as long as you ar realistic you can benefit a lot from this aspect.

Your ego, self-esteem and self-confidence tend to be high. Wth confidence and a healthy self-esteem, an individual can weather life’s difficulties with remarkably little lasting damage. This is one of the placement which is most likely to have a positive world view – that is, to have a basic faith that the world is a good place and that he has a right to – and decent odds that he will – enjoy hiimself.

An other area that will benefit from this influence is investments and creativity. Your work will be appreciated and your invesments will turn to benefits.

Until June, Saturn in Scorpio will give you some signals related to its influence in the next 2 years. In the struggle to gain control over your life circumstances, you are forced to be obligated to and dependent upon others, although it bothers you. When you compare your accomplishments and resources with those of your contemporaries, your self-image suffers needlessly. Gaining personal security will be so important that it will force you to work with others as the one way to become more financially independent. Secretly, though, you aren’t always sure that you measure up to the public’s expectations, so you extend yourself to remove that doubt. You would be better off working for yourself in your own business, which would eliminate that problem. You are better equipped to deal with the public’s needs than you realize, as should be proved by what you get for your services.

After repeatedly hearing how competent you are from those who appreciate your skills, you will finally realize that they are right. Perhaps then you will place a higher premium on your talents, thus letting the piblic know that you will do what they require but that your services are costly. They also know that they will get all or more than they expect. Once established in your occupation, you invest heavily in time and energy to achieve your goals and objectives. You learn to mobilize your skills and resources efficiently to derive the most benefit with the least effort. Luckily, when you need favors, you can always turn to those whom you have helped in the past.

Look around for people whose needs or situations require your skills to improve them. You are definitely tied to working with and for the general public. Your partner admires and respects your efforts, although you may think that you can be accepted only to the extent that you provide every possible material benefit. Keep a sharp eye out for clever individuals who try to con you into schemes that aren’t within the bounds of legality. You are sufficiently afraid of the consequences that you are unlikely to resort to lax moral behavior or questionable ethical standards.

Thank you for reading us and we wish you a gorgeous year

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