June might feel like a mixed bag for you in terms of energetic potential. Fortunately, you’re the most patient sign in the zodiac and that quality will surely work to your advantage by the end of the month — especially as it relates to your career.

Before you settle into inertia, however, know that you’ve got a few wonderful opportunities coming your way. Finances are definitely looking bright after June 13 thanks to a New Moon landing in your earned income sector. You might have been noodling on ideas to generate extra revenue like a side business … or even two! Whatever you’ve been considering, you’ll want to implement soon after this lunation to take advantage of the financial blessings that are now possible. While it’s true that you can ask for a raise after a New Moon like this and will possibly get it, there is more of an indication that you’re ready to cultivate one or more of your talents in a new direction. This also likely involves sales or communications in some capacity, so if those areas spark you, know that they should do exceptionally well.

The tricky cosmic energy begins by June 26 when Mars, the planet of assertive drive, turns retrograde right at the top of your chart. This symbolizes a drastic reorganization of your efforts and personal goals related to your career path through August 27. Before you go into panic mode and equate this with the poor house, take a moment to put things into perspective. Most likely, you are an industrious and visionary person who has several irons in the fire. In fact, this Mars retrograde might initially feel as though you can’t move fast enough in the direction you want, but that’s only because the universe is trying to help you FOCUS your energy on what will truly offer you the greatest success potential overall. You might need to address a reluctance to modernize yourself in some way professionally. You abhor change more than any other sign; however, although you might be out of your comfort zone with last month’s shift of Uranus into Taurus, you also know that a change in how you handle your professional affairs is necessary. Taking advantage of the latest technology associated with your industry will get you very far now — but it will also require a learning curve. That’s what Mars retrograde is for.

In other news, you are in for a period of domestic harmony thanks to Venus, your ruler, moving into your home and family sector on June 13. Until July 9, you’ll notice that it’s much easier to get along with your clan and that you genuinely enjoy spending time with family. You might entertain at home more than usual or redecorate a portion of your living space.


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