Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising

Aquarius is all about attitudes—BIG attitudes! So these people need to know exactly what they’re projecting. Are they magnetic jokesters, or are they sourpusses? Does the Aquarius personality add electric magnetism to the focus and patience of Taurus? Does it create the most contagious funny bone you’ve ever met? Does it lead the plodding, big mouth bull to a book or two, creating a well-read, fully enlightened, self-aware dreamer and doer with the gumption, the wings, and the technological know-how to become an airline pilot? Or does it instead provoke Taurus’ bull-headedness and closed-mindedness, resulting in an argumentative quality that amounts to a sour chip on the shoulder, creating an obnoxiously opinionated pain in the neck who might well be the worst bigot on the block? Aquarius does have an innate will-to-disagree, and in tandem with Taurus’ stubborn streak it can be a source of bad attitudes. But if Taureans with Aquarius rising live their lives with an open mind and a thirst for more humor and camaraderie, they become the determined community-minded social workers who are motivated by a marvelous spirit of brotherhood; they understand that we’re all in this together and “what I do to you, I do to me.” If these Taureans cultivate tolerance for ignorance and error, they become the determined, enlightened teachers who always illuminate and never give up on even their most challenging students; they’re always ready to assist them in understanding that their efforts will be rewarded with accomplishment and recognition. If they refrain from offense or insult, they’ll find that the sky’s the limit. Flexibility and tolerance are the keys here. Their magnetism will draw people to them, and their “good fellow well met” team player will reveal itself. They’re witty and sharp-minded public servants, but also possess an eye for the simple truth that, in concert, provide the grist for a hilarious experience


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