Taurus Sun Aries Moon

You have a powerful personality. there is a certain fixity of purpose in you which your highly expressive nature may conceal, and a certain ruthlessness in getting what you want – though the skies fall – that may not be apparent except to those who know you intimately. Your intellectual and emotional natures, each powerful in its own right, are not closely allied, and you frequently express thoughts which bear no least relation to your emotions.

Since you have deep wells of unprobed consciousness (subconsciousness), you may not even be aware of your own inconsistencies, but for all that, what you say when you are on guard and what you do when you are off guard often bear no discernible relationship to each other. You will express the most tolerant and broadminded of viewpoints at one moment and then, when an emotion is touched, be as biased and unreasonable as the very people you were flaying as bigots ten seconds before.

You have a truly remarkable mental equipment which is capable of mastering anything however abstruse or realistic it may be.

You will have to exercise a high degree of self-control to submerge the tendency to dominate your environment and those in it, for you are capable of making both yourself and those around you unhappy by getting your own way.

Even when you aren’t overtly insisting on something, you have a way of making your wishes known by a manner, a gesture, or a lack of enthusiasm of which you may not even be conscious but which your environmental associates may crumble under. When you are arguing directly for your point, you have a way of being so plausible and so apparently reasonable that you wear down resistance. This is all very well if you do not reduce your associates to the status of dependents – which is the danger of this position.

You’re so sure of yourself, so confident of what you think and believe and want, that you’re likely to take the starch out of other people who aren’t so sure. You should learn to let other people alone, to allow them to lead their own lives in their own ways, and to put your great mental and physical energies into a wholly impersonal type of pursuit, whether it be business, artistic, or professional. If you do this your success is assured, for your best medium of expression is the impersonal. Put your energy, your passion, your determination, into that and you will go far. But set your mind on other people, either with a subconscious desire to dominate them or with a feeling of dependence on them, and you will get what you want – but after you get it, it won’t please you.

This is truly a position of “Beware your desire for assuredly you will have it.” It is also a position in which you should dispassionately view yourself – develop introspection – and find what hidden recesses of consciousness need a housecleaning. You’ll find plenty there – and once you bring the debris to light, you’ll lead a more fluent, happy, contented, and successful life.

Grant Lewi

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