Taurus Sun Aries Rising

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No one needs to sit and wonder where these people are coming from! They’re direct as can be, and they’re apt to be very impatient with coyness or any other form of insincerity. Both Aries the ram and Taurus the bull are horned animals, implying a straightforward approach to life. With their Aries childlike innocence and charm, they earn a lot of trust and are usually well-served by putting their cards on the table, but their impatience, coupled with Taurus’ heavy-handed intensity, can easily lead to overkill. The key here is to be respectful of everyone’s space. If these people are oblivious to how they’re being received, they’re likely to be too forceful. Being the first at the board meeting in typical Aries early-bird fashion often leaves the good impression that they’re eager-beaver willing workers, but unwittingly stealing the boss’s seat and seeming to usurp his authority with bullish bluntness seldom pays off. These Taureans know how to be punctual and are always ready to do their fair share, and even take the lead if necessary, but with their Banker’s single-mindedness and good dose of vanity, they often need to tone it down a bit. Slowing down just enough to make others feel accommodated earns them a lot of trust and cooperation. And if they’ll use a little tact, they might even hit the jackpot; but staying aware of how people are reacting to them is essential.

These Taureans need jobs that require lots of activity. Aries rising loves to be physical. They’re great initiators with a sterling ability to follow up and complete the task. There’s an abundance of self-motivation and a dogged persistence. As outside salespeople they’re pounding the pavement early and knocking on doors until they find a buyer. Especially when they’re promoting something like building materials, or financial products such as insurance or stocks, they’re extremely effective. They’re also competent behind a microphone, articulate and succinct, able to handle attention, and even reveling in it with little to no stage fright. Having been adored as youngsters, and still carrying a childlike charm, they’re sometimes charismatic radio personalities. And after work, you might find narcissistic Taurus with hard body Aries rising in the weight room. They love to look good, and they probably need to blow off steam.

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