Taurus Sun Cancer Rising

“Still waters run deep.” These people are usually cautious and contemplative, and not very willing to risk rejection. But Cancer is a world-class thrifty nickel and practical Taurus loves a bargain, so Taurus with Cancer rising is very effective at accruing material things. Real estate being one of Cancer’s preferred domains, we might find these Taureans exercising their diligence in renovating properties or selling houses. In any case, Cancer’s cautiously clever industriousness is a fitting complement to Taurus’ determined, do-the-deal mentality. Their mid-morning birth inclines them to lift their head and envision the future. These Taureans will sacrifice today’s reward for tomorrow’s promise in a heartbeat. And there’s too much Cancer sensitivity here to burn many bridges. Rather than self-destruct if their offer is rejected, they’ll simply wait patiently until the buyer reconsiders and returns next week. There’s a magnetism in this combination. Cautious Cancer’s reticence curbs a lot of Taurus’ bullishness, making these Taureans very industrious colleagues and competent supervisors, especially if they keep that forward-focus, letting bygones be bygones in the course of life’s inevitable misunderstandings. Though neither the crab nor the beast of burden is known for networking skills, the mid-morning birth makes for well-connected people who know their way around the community.

Cancer is usually family-oriented, so these folks love to provide for their own. Their material generosity with loved ones is quite admirable, but they also need to be generous in their judgments and emotional reactions, willing to give counsel with no strings attached. For instance, they’re extremely fond of their children but often have very concrete and inflexible ideas about what directions their kids should take in life. Taurus’ “my way or the highway” mentality merges with Cancer’s clinging possessiveness. There’s sometimes a fierce tenacity in this regard. They’ll willingly shell out the money for college tuition but will then attempt to control the course of study, disapproving if their children choose the wrong field. [..]

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