Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising

Combine common sense with a business-is-business personality, and you get a powerfully practical person who can make things happen. Taureans with Capricorn rising are the business-people who have the goods their competitors only wish they had, and they drive a hard bargain in selling them. They’re the people in charge: serious honchos who know that what goes around, comes around. In this combination, Capricorn, the Wise Old Goat, presents a well-thought-out business concept to Taurus, the Banker, who contemplates it, chews on it, and gets to the bottom of it; then—and only then—does he agree to fund the project. Both signs are earth signs, motivated by practicality; their eyes light up when rewards are tangible and plans feasible. [..]

There’s an eye for quality and sensible approach to life that ensures financial stability here, as well as the security and satisfaction that financial stability provides, but true happiness won’t follow the dollars and cents unless these Taureans look beyond the material. If they don’t, they’re apt to be left alone in their ivory towers. They simply need to lighten up, keep a sense of humor, and not take it all so seriously. Capricorn’s sour disposition and bossy ways are partially responsible for their impressive achievements, so these traits shouldn’t be curbed entirely—but they need to be vigilant on bad days, when it seems everyone’s full of error. Storming around like know-it-alls, and threatening to fire their best workers, is a prescription for disaster. They need to slow down, take a deep breath, recover their “calm, cool, and collected” demeanor, and conjure a Wise Old Goat smile. One of their most useful tools is their Taurus generosity. Usually, that generosity shows up in how they reward their employees monetarily. But they need to broaden the scope of their generosity to create enduring friendship and warm relations. In this way, others won’t bypass them altogether.

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