Taurus Sun Gemini Rising

Gemini, “the nice guy,” usually does a good job of lightening up Taurus the Banker; Gemini’s “icing on the cake” sincerity adds a lot of tolerance and flexibility. So the nimble, spry, chatty-faced Jitterbug Gemini personality can be a real blessing here. Gemini rising provides the beast of burden an open mind, and while Taureans usually do profit from lightening up, they need to remember that “loose lips sink ships.” They need to avoid spilling the beans. Much depends on how well they’ve done their homework, allowing themselves to truly grasp the situation. Gemini loves to talk, so spewing opinions is a joy But if enlightenment is missing, those opinions might be a bit heavy-handed and better left unspoken. Taureans run the risk of taking a position not based in reality, so “Don’t confuse me with the facts” sets in. Taurus is the master of “I just talk, I don’t listen” bull-headedness, so he needs to avoid just rambling on. Taureans with Gemini rising are quite capable of self-undoing, so they have to remember that once the police officer has pulled them over and whipped out his pen, the time for running off at the mouth is past. Some silent respect works better. And being by themselves is rejuvenating; it helps them to see themselves in context, assimilating who and what they are, and what they think.[..]

Taureans born shortly after dawn make great teachers. They impart information articulately and understandably. In any event, they like to be involved with things that have a practical purpose, things that satisfy the Banker’s no-nonsense mentality. And since Gemini is the domain of vehicles and transportation, these Taureans might make splendid truck drivers: Their Taurus can sit, while their Gemini travels and chats with other truckers on the CB. But, please, none of that raw language over the airwaves!

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