Taurus Sun Leo Moon

There’s nothing wishy-washy about you! a strong determined will, well-defined opinions, and a complete willingness to let anyone know what they are make you a forthright, honest, and fearless person with a fine scorn and contempt for those people whom for any reason you don’t like. Your dislikes are not necessarily founded on abstract or logical grounds, but arise from an instinctive feeling about people which rarely is changed or shaken – when you don’t like ’em, you don’t like ’em, and that’s that. On the other hand, you’re an equally loyal friend and stick to people through thick and thin if you have any reason at all to believe in their worth.

You have an excellent mind, both creative and executive. If on the creative side, you will excel in the constructive or mathematical arts, such as sculpture, music, or architecture. You’re a powerful executive though not financially minded, and while your magnetism, forthrightness, and directness can make you excel in business activity if you want to, your real genius is not for money but for people, so that you will be found in the social-executive positions – army, navy, social work. You tend to dominate any group you may be in or any individual you may come in contact with, and since you aren’t long on tact, you can get yourself disliked.

You understand people but you haven’t any special hankering to be understood by them; there is something a little lonely and proud and aloof about you that holds people at a distance even when you may want them closer. You are ardent and devoted in love, somewhat romantic in an abstract and idealistic way, likely to be disappointed in the foibles of less idealistic people, and to withdraw into yourself for contemplation of your own worth. This doesn’t draw people to you emotionally, though they do respect and admire and like you, and if you can relax a certain stiffness of approach, you can be extremely popular. But you find this relaxation difficult, and you give the impression of pride even when you don’t want to. For all this you’re likely to have a wide circle of friends and be well liked by them; you can grapple them to your heart with hoops of steel if you will express your emotions with the same force that you put into your opinions.

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