Taurus Sun Leo Rising

Now these people take the bull by the horns and pursue their goals with a “stand aside, I’ll show you how to do this” attitude. They’re super determined, masterfully competent, and striking in their delivery. Lordly Leo’s pride, fearlessness, and “do it right the first time” mentality is a good complement to Taurus’ practicality and focus. Leo is characterized by confidence and competence, always putting on a hell of a show and leaving a big impression. If Taureans with Leo rising do their homework and learn their material before taking a position, they’ll successfully sway people in their direction. When they know what they’re talking about, these Taureans can sell ice to an Eskimo.

Leo’s showiness blended with Taurus’ vanity can result in a big, fat, gold watch on a man’s wrist and expensive bracelets, necklaces, and earrings on a woman, leaving the impression that these Taureans are well-heeled. Just as they’re generous with others, especially their children, they like to be generous with themselves. And this obvious generosity can actually be one of their most effective tools. Far from bribing others, their gifts are meant to show affection and appreciation, two of the most important things to them. They want to be recognized for a job well done and they expect a little gratitude for their most competent efforts. They don’t react well to being slighted, and they’ll come down heavily on those who seek to take advantage. If they remember to extend to others the same respect they expect for themselves, Taureans born around noontime will find people engaging and cooperative every step of the way.

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