Taurus Sun Pisces Moon

You have deep wells of hidden consciousness that even your best friends don’t know about. You lead a private dream-life of your own that may have no discernible relationship with reality and that serves to isolate you somewhat from intimate human contact, though you have a great need for affection and sympathy.

This is primarily the position of the artist, for the executive gifts are not strong, and though you’re protected from material want and worry and therefore may be said to have some material luck in life, money is not important to you, except in so far as it brings security for the pursuit of your more personal and idealistic aims. You are highly sensitive to emotional matters, impressionable to love and flattery, and have to be careful that you don’t fall in with the wrong people, for there is a chance that you will be imposed upon by your friends.

Your mental bent is serious and sober. Life is real, life is earnest to you, and if the grave is not its goal, you have metaphysical rather than religious ideas of what happens after death. Occult, mysterious, hidden things appeal to you. Out-of-the-way studies and pleasures fascinate you. Magic and spiritualism can get a hold on you, and you have a belief in the doctrines of mind over matter, thought processes, and the like. This is a good thing, for there’s a tendency to illness derived from nerves and worry, and thought-control will do a good deal to eliminate a tendency to hypochondria.

You are pretty self-sufficient. There’s a tendency to introversion. You should cultivate objectivity and expressiveness and try not to take yourself and your problems too seriously – or at least, if you do take yourself seriously, to talk things over with a sympathetic friend rather than keep them bottled up. You’ll have to do this voluntarily, for no one can draw you out if you don’t wish to be drawn. You shut up like a clam and stay shut, resenting the intrusion on your privacy and bringing all your stubbornness to bear on the intended intruder. You are tractable enough under ordinary circumstances, but not when you are being quizzed nor when you’ve made up your mind and someone opposes you. Then you can balk!

Grant Lewi

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Taurus’ strength protects Pisces’ sensitivity. This gentle, nurturing relationship can give these signs what they both crave: serenity.

Sun in Taurus is the master of stability. He is the rock that less grounded partners can lean on. He’s in command of the physical realm, providing financial security plus all the sensual, loving comforts of home. But he’s also interested in emotional security. Sun in Taurus wants nothing more than to share calm enjoyment of the fruits of his labors. The downside? His pursuit of calm can result in mind-boggling stubbornness, and a refusal to engage any issue that might disrupt his routine.

Moon in Pisces is the mistress of intuition. If her partner thinks it, she’ll pick up on it. And absorb it. And confuse it with her own feelings. This most sensitive of Moons needs a partner with a light touch; calm enough to give her stability, gentle enough to withdraw when she needs her serenity. Moon in Pisces has one foot in the Otherworld, always ready to escape, explore and experience anything that transcends the physical. Because of her vulnerability, it is essential that her partner have a positive, soothing energy. Too much friction can push her into an escapist dreamworld. Too many demands can turn her into a martyr who gives until there’s nothing left.

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