Taurus Sun Pisces Rising

A whimsical Pisces personality works rather well with the patient, long-suffering Bull. It gives a lighter touch. These people listen as well as speak, and they’re better at peaceful solutions than other Taureans. A more gentle approach augments Taurus’ ability to make things easy, yet fruitful. With an open mind, Pisces absorbs what’s being heard, and delivers her newfound understanding to Taurus’ sharply focused Beast of Burden brain, where it is practically applied. Pisces becomes more stabilized and Taurus more amenable. These people are formidable researchers—Pisces loves to snoop!—and when they know their material, they’re very effective teachers: Taurus knows how to “keep it simple, stupid!” With Taurus’ nose for money and Pisces’ affection for the nighttime, they’re comfortable behind the cash register at the 24-hour convenience store, though their imaginative Pisces might give them a penchant for creative writing. These are the soft-spoken people who pick up that obscure sound or little bit of missing information; their busy minds hum with shrewdness; and they’re masters at painting the picture that conveys their message and creates the circumstances they prefer. There’s versatility here; but most of all there’s that Pisces eye for beauty and illusion. When they’re at their best, they do a hell of a job, without much fanfare. And they might be found on either end of the camera: On one hand, they don’t always prefer attention, but on the other, Pisces is photogenic.


When Pisces rises, Taurus’ materialism is sometimes satiated in the most fascinating ways, but Pisces often gets disillusioned with earth’s bounty. Pisces’ watery emotions prefer living things. Financial security and earthly comforts have their merit, but maybe not quite as much for these imaginative Bankers. An ideal position might be building homes with a charitable organization akin to Habitat for Humanity, or some other worthy cause.

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