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You have a highly developed social sense. You are fond of people who must, however, be the right people. You’d rather stay home alone with a good book than be bored by dullards or surrounded by people you think uninteresting or declasse. You are able to get on well enough with all classes for you know how to say the right thing at the right time, and this quality of tact in human relations contributes much to your success, which frequently will have to do with a good many people.

You make a good executive, teacher, or lecturer; your manner of expression is forthright and direct and you make your sincerity and decisiveness felt. Your extremely stubborn nature expresses in a flexible manner, and you are able to talk all around Robin Hood’s barn at the same time that you are sticking to your point and eventually driving it home exactly as you wish.

You have very high principles and will stick to them despite everything. A keen moral sense, both in your own personal conduct and in the abstract for truth in its own right, makes you something of a moralist, and you’re likely to sit in judgment on your friends and neighbors – though you may never let them know what you think about them. But your thoughts are your own just the same, and for those who transgress the laws of right conduct or fair dealing as you understand them, you have scant tolerance.

You’re something of a gossip; you love a good yarn and will tell one at the drop of a hat. You are also a good listener, especially if the story being told has a touch of personal interest. A good deal of your sinning is likely to be done vicariously, in talking about, and probably condemning, the horrible actions of someone else.

You yourself, are pretty likely to walk the straight and narrow and find it rather pleasant – and a good deal easier than the harrowing excitement of the Primrose Path. You should cultivate precision of thinking and speaking, for a tendency to spin yarns in one way or another is very strong.

You are in all ways a courageous person and despite your tact, when it comes to points of principle, will not mince matters even with the Judge himself. Here you stick to your guns admirably and tell the world in no uncertain terms what is what. You are, reasonable in argument and a fair debater. You can see the other fellow’s viewpoint, answering it logically point for point, without losing sight of your own. Your qualities of magnetism, fair-mindedness, and imagination will lead you to success in either business or the arts and professions, depending on the aspects to the Sun, Moon, and Mercury.

Grant Lewi

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