Taurus Sun Scorpio Rising

These are some serious go-getters with pretty good people skills, considering how hell-bent they are to get what they want. Taurus determination and Scorpio gusto add up to voracity! There’s almost too much energy in this combination, a passionate, hot sexuality, a sensual touch, a tendency to bite off a great big chunk; they drink life in gulps rather than dainty sips. This is no lackadaisical bull, frittering away the afternoon in a quiet meadow. These Taureans are get-up-and-go gluttons. With a Taurus ego and a Scorpio personality, the patient, plodding determination of Taurus translates into an intense focus on the seemingly unattainable. These Taureans always aim high, taking on projects that others find daunting. But resourceful Scorpio and persistent Taurus can handle just about anything. There’s a “do it now and think about it later” attitude here that’s demanding and dauntless. These people recoup their investments and then some. And they rarely falter. Their grandiose objectives are no mere pipe dreams. They’re realistic and workable.

The investigative qualities of Mysterious Scorpio can help the Banker ferret out the bottom line no matter where it’s hidden. Some Taureans see only the obvious, but not these. Taureans with Scorpio rising are formidable sleuths. They’re the sorts of detectives who always have more questions and never take “No” for an answer. They don’t wait for an invitation. They’re already sitting in the suspect’s bedroom when he returns home and turns on the lights. They’re the scorpions underneath the bedsheets, and every bit as dangerous when riled. They’re superb auditors, undertakers, and investment bankers.

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