Taurus Sun Taurus Rising

Double Taurus, double intensity, double focus and determination. Taureans with Taurus rising are Taurus, the Banker, personified. Even physically, a broad smile with lots of teeth, broad shoulders, and narrow pelvic bones are not uncommon. Will these Taureans harness and channel their formidable strengths? Or will they end up demanding, intolerant, overly serious and unpleasantly intense, burning bridges and engaging in overkill? Moderating their anger and developing a softer touch is the key here. When they remember, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do,” all is well. Of course, it’s true that ire and indignation can be powerful motivators, but when anger becomes mindless rage it never brings back a desired response. So if the bull declines to snort fury and fire when he sees red, he’ll avoid being the matador’s victim. Keeping his cool has its rewards!

Taureans born around dawn have no problem identifying and focusing on the bottom line. After all, that’s Taurus’ forte. But their focus can become so obsessive that they lose sight of everything else. Sometimes they just don’t see the larger picture; their single-minded purpose disallows them to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They feel their disappointments too intensely. But if they give themselves time to chew on things, they dig out the simple facts every time. It’s all a part of getting to the bottom line, of being certain that the terms suit them and the rewards are realistic and desirable. It’s their nature to stick with a project until hell freezes over, and if a particular deal takes an unexpected dive, these Taureans are liable to drive it straight into the ground. They don’t always know when to quit. When they succeed, they really succeed. But when they mess up, the ceiling falls in. The problem is gluttony—even at the dinner table! Ask them how much food they ate, and they’ll tell you they ate it all! But there’s a lot of tastefulness here. Yes, double Taurus’ appetite is sometimes over-developed, but if you need someone to help you find a good value, these are the folks to call. They expect their fabrics to be expertly woven and their food to be deliciously seasoned. There’s a lot of vanity here as well, so they usually opt for tailored clothing rather than loose-fitting and flowing things. They love to show off their physical form.[..]

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