Taurus Sun Virgo Moon

You have charm, poise, balance, and admirable common sense and the extent to which you develop these qualities to your own intellectual and economic advantage will depend on other things.

Your executive qualities are not well marked, but in mental undertakings, or when carrying out the instructions of a superior, you are excellent. Your strong Taurean independence, however, makes it hard for you to take orders for long, and thus you’ll do best in an independent career that depends neither on giving nor on taking orders – art, letters or housekeeping.

You have a good intelligence, and though not precocious mentally (your emotions get ahead of your intellectual development), you learn steadily and keep it up for a long time, once you start. You will always be reading, studying, and absorbing what other people have to give you.

And above all you have grace and charm of manner, especially pleasant in a woman’s horoscope. You’re sure to be popular with both men and women. This position gives a fine intellect, and brings success in a career that depends on this gift. The chief danger is that general good luck and protection from worry will swamp its possibilities for development, for an inclination to relax and go to sleep intellectually is very strong, especially when the emotional wants (which are very strong) are satisfied. A little adversity is good for you and tends to wake you up, for you are extremely conscientious and will not fall down on a job when it’s put up to you.

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