Taurus Sun Virgo Rising

These are unassuming, cooperative people with a youthful appearance and a good eye for style and quality in people and things. And they’re masters at efficiency and precision. Their Taurus “cut the bull” teams up with Virgo’s keen eye for functionality, equipping them to get things done lickety-split. Both Taurus and Virgo are “earth” signs, motivated by practicality, so these Taureans actively seek out what’s most productive. This is always their best strategy. Virgo possesses a busy mind that enhances the Banker’s ability to cut to the chase, so these people do the job with precision, leaving time to spare. As long as they don’t get bogged down making mountains out of molehills and losing the forest for the trees! Virgo, the Worry Wart, is easily side-tracked by analytical pickiness. But the best antidote for Virgo’s fussiness is Taurus’ “keep it simple, stupid.” The beast of burden is strong and durable, so Virgo’s insecurities should be minimal in this combination. The key here is embodied in Johnny Mercer’s popular song: “Accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative.”

[..]Taureans born early afternoon are inclined toward medicine, nutrition, fashion, and all things personal. You might find them selling furniture or pharmaceuticals. With Virgo’s head for analysis and Taurus’ money sense, they might be teaching economics. With Virgo’s love of finery and Taurus’ eye for quality, they might be interior decorators, Park Avenue haberdashers, or merchandisers of exquisite jewelry. They love what’s stylish, tasteful, and attractive. They might even be virtuoso violinists. There are a great many possibilities, but, in any event, these Taureans are infinitely more delicate and precise in their behavior than many other “bull in the china shop” Taureans.

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