Taurus, The Bull

Fixed, Earth
Taurus Ruler: Venus
Season: Spring
2nd Sign of Zodiac

Taurus, the 2’nd sign of the Zodiac, is traditionally connected with profit and security, comfortableness and good humor.

The horoscope sign Taurus is regarded to be a most naturalistic sign implicated with accretion and retentiveness of material possessions. Although other signs might engage life’s dangers, Taurus the Bull acts on its delights and satisfactions.

Comprised by the astrological symbolic representation of the Bull, ironlike and mighty; this is the Bull who’d want to graze instead of hunting down, to relish life. Just, like the Bull, once alarmedonce the signal flag is flappedhis attention caught upthis sign, this Taurus the Bull can be a rattling source of strength competent of executing great effortsas considerably as devastation. When charging up in a Bull alike fury, there is no coming back with sign. This is one and only sign that does not forget easily. Yet, at a lower place the strength and stability that is visualized is to be discovered a most sensible and affectional person.

Keywords: persevering, down-to-earth, stable, stubborn, possessive, prosperous, dependable, physical, sensual

Taurus is the sign of purposeful determination and power. And, as it is also an earth sign, Taureans were born to achieve mastery over physical matter. The element earth teaches and guides them to become efficient in practical matters. They strive for spiritual truth by working with the practical aspects of life.

The key phrase for Taurus is “I have.” Love of comfort, satisfaction, and pleasure is also a characteristic of people born under this sign. Whatever fulfills these needs has great value to Taureans, and they make an effort to possess it. Once they do, no earthly force can persuade them to attach their interests elsewhere. Taureans see to it that nothing interferes with what they want. They want money, not for its own sake, but so they can enjoy the things it enables them to purchase.

The period of Taurus’s influence begins around April 20 and ends around May 20. Taurus is the earthiest of the three signs of its triplicity. Therefore it brings to us the period of spring at its fullest. The green of the leaves has appeared on the trees, flowers are in bloom, and the creative forces of nature are omnipresent.

The newly born young of the animals are nourished with the food which they obtain from the bounty of the earth. Men and women are busily engaged in romance and cannot help but feel the power of life embodied by this season of the year. This is also a month of plowing, for the soil is rich with the decomposing organic substances of the leaves which fell in the fall (the month of Scorpio) and is open to the seeds which can now be planted in the fecund earth.

Taurus, therefore, represents that port jon of the yearly cycle which has taken the potential life-force of Aries and has given it form in the physical manifestations of nature. Taurus brings forth the fullness of resurrected life.

Plants ruled by Taurus: Moss, spinach, lilies, daisies, dandelions, beets, larkspur, flax, and myrtle.

Stones and gems ruled by Taurus: Agate, emerald, alabaster, and coral.

Alan Oken

A message from ancient Rome:

Taurus is feminine, solid, lying in the spring tropic, bony, rising from the hind-parts, setting upright, of which the greatest part lies in the invisible cosmos. It is the wealth-bringing zoidion of the cosmos, earthy, rural, pertaining to freedmen, descending, unprolific, semi-vocal and mute, good, unchangeable, industrious, incomplete, significant for foundations, acquisitions. The ecliptic circle lies in the north, rising at some distance.

Those born in this zoidion will be good, versed in a handicraft, hard-working, good at preserving things, pleasure loving, music loving, generous, while some of them will be husbandmen, planters, builders. And if the bencfics should somehow incline toward this place, or also, if the ruler should be well-situated, they will become archpriests, and gymnasiarchs, those who are deemed worthy of crowns and purple, of images and statues, those who stand in the forefront of priests, notable, bright.

Vettius Valens (February 8, 120 – c. 175)

The best Taurus: steadfast and loyal; intensely sensitive and understanding; composed and calm; affectionate and generous; practical and firm; productive and fertile.

…and the worst: stubborn without just reason; overly emotional; aloof, dry, and hard overindulges sensual appetites; stingy and rigid; seeks only material rewards for all efforts.

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