The Libra Love Mystery

Turning from the lonely Virgo path of self-discipline, the evolving soul reaches out once again to the positive Day Forces, as the Libra vibration seductively beckons to it to accept, for the third time, the challenge of Cardinal leadership. In the Libra consciousness, the soul is fully grown, aware now of both sunshine and shadow. During the struggle for maturity which culminated in Virgo, it has learned that there is in the world (and in people) both night and day – good and evil – dark and light. Beyond that, Libra is consumed with the intriguing polarity of male and female.

Experience has taught Libra men and women to judge their fellows fairly.

Until the Libra level, the soul’s interest has been centered primarily on itself Now it expands to include, for the first time, an awareness of the necessity to relate to other human beings. The soul is now equipped with the lessons of five previous levels, capable of leading with both logic and force. Libra acts with a blend of wisdom composed of knowledge gained through one excursion into WATER and from twice experiencing FIRE, EARTH and AIR. “I BALANCE,” says Libra, priding himself or herself on seeing both sides. Because it shatters Libra’s conscience to be unfair, decisions are difficult and painful. A sense of social justice is emerging, and in the face of prejudice or intolerance, Libra often turns to endless argument, using the cold logic learned through Gemini and sharpened through Virgo. But this approach is softened by a new sense of the value of persuasion. Libra has acquired the quality of charm, which he has discovered is a sure way to win, so he artfully uses a mellow voice and dazzling smile to cajole and get his way with others.

Libra feels a growing awareness of beauty of harmony – in music, art and romance. As Librans subconsciously recall their Virgo loneliness, they experience the stirring of a deep and primal urge to find a mate. Sentimental, yet practical, the Libra soul instinctively knows the need for someone to walk nearby, in both love and business, in order to balance Life and satisfy the desire for harmony of Libra’s ruler, Venus. In the Libran Air Element, however, a love partner is not easy to find. When the vices and virtues of prospective mates are weighed and balanced on the Libra Scales, they often are found wanting, bringing on the anguish of emotional indecision. But through it all, this man or woman continues the relentless search for someone to share life’s joys and sorrows. The autumn season so loved will someday fade, the spring so fondly remembered is long past, and there is one thing Libra knows: he – or she – must not be alone when winter comes. And so Librans respond to sunset’s beauty, sadly sensing simultaneously that for all its crimson-gold glory, it nevertheless announces another approaching night of the soul.

Libra’s positive qualities are justice, intelligence, charm, gentleness and emotional balance. Expressed in their negative form they become laziness, pro-crastination, indecision, argumentativeness, pleasure-seeking and temperament.

To Libra, love is a mating of the minds and hearts – not too passionate, not too detached – a happy medium, to be equally shared. But these souls are too infatuated with love’s surface beauty to penetrate completely its deeper implica-tions. They recognize only that they love. It has not yet occurred to them to wonder why.

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