The Position Of Pluto In Our Solar System

What really interested me, was your comment about Pluto. I knew that all the planets in our solar system “housed” souls of a particular bent. I didn’t realize Pluto harbored those types of souls. The position of Pluto in our solar system and its size may have something to do with the nature of these “wretched ones.” I often wonder if they are drawn there or if they are placed there. Anyway, if you want to elaborate on this, I would be interested to know a little more. Ann Parker.

A: I guess you would call it synchronicity that the early Greeks called Pluto the ruler of Hades, which prompted the planet’s discovery to bear the name Pluto centuries later. Yes, it is the farthest planet from the heart of the solar system; that which gives life–the sun. From Pluto the sun appears much like any other star in the galaxy; so it’s difficult to tell the sun from the rest of the stars in the firmament. It is a cold and dreary place for most souls that enter that realm.

Once the soul is freed from its bodily incarnation, it is drawn to the vibratory path of the planet that best suits its future needs, and where integration of past life experiences continues. All of the planetary spheres contain many levels of vibration within their focus. Souls move from lower to higher levels before being called back to life in the earth plane.

In the highest realms of Pluto, many great thinkers gather to exchange ideas dealing with philosophy and scientific theories. Truth is the goal sought in both the spiritual planes and on Earth. In the less higher levels of Pluto, the inhabitants live spiritual lives similar to our own, but there is a feeling of dissonance, even disfigurement, noticeable in many individuals. In intermediate lower levels, souls are listless, and appear lifeless; their features are clay-like and almost indistinguishable from each other. There seems to be an endless number of them cared for by a few more highly evolved souls. No soul is ever abandoned, but self realization, and awareness leading to re-awakening often takes a long time.

Karmic debt is held by Pluto, and wayward souls don’t rise to any higher vibration until they recognize why they’re there, and the path of atonement that lights the way back. The lowest levels are what you might expect: ugliness, beastiality, perversion; souls thriving on evil and horror, in many cases worse than Dante’s Inferno with its seven levels of Hell. They are contained until called upon, and so hatred is fed to this lot and they respond accordingly.

In black magic, when demons are summoned they come from Pluto, and the worst come from the lowest levels; they know of no other realm other than the dregs and cesspools of Earth, where they thrive. Many have been in Hades a very long time since they don’t seek the path to re-birth, nor does any light reach to those regions. There are no bars or chains to hold evil; hence, no way to control it, so iniquity can grow and tip the balance in its favor. That situation pollutes and corrupts the earth, such as a cancer killing its host.

Such are the spiritual environs around Pluto. As with all the planets, they each hold their own unique astral milieu, home to souls yet to spread their wings for the fateful journey back, many in joy, others seeking perdition.