Third House

The third house is concerned with explorations, investigations, and inquiry and research of all kinds. It also rules connections, communications, wires, tubes — anything that we can get through with our body, mind, voice, letters, what-have-you. It is here that we explore and search for the limits of our life, whatever we are working with at the moment. A very mental house, concerned with finding, furthering, peering, and all manner of questioning. Traditionally rules short journeys, siblings.

The 3rd house continues the drama set forth in the 1st and 2nd. The 1st is the new start, the 2nd is the new body or what is drawn forth in response to the 1st, and the 3rd is how the situation develops to its fullness. It has to do with the working out and exploring of all the details and ramifications of what is forming.

House III from II: Commercial benefits and the resulting exchange operations.

The twelfth house from the IV: hidden enemies of father. Treasure’s enemies. Sabotage among miners. Locusts destroying crops. Nocturnal violators of tombs. Ghosts. Schools of agronomy and labs for studing plant diseases. Chronic diseases of father. Epidemy.

House XI from V: children’s friends. Companions of pleasure. Childhood meetings. Diplomatic corps. Minister of public education.

Ten house from six: the civil service. Mother of the diseases, what cause a disease, including the idea of contamination.

Ninth House from VII: long voyages of Consort, partner or the thief, or outright enemy. Spouse religion and dreams. Military priests.

House VIII from Eighth: death of death: nothingness. Incineration.

Seventh house from IX: fellow travelers. Literary or scientific collaborators. Marriage of priests or magistrates. Religious wars. Scientific philosophical and legal debates. Attacks against your own ideals. Contracts with publishers. Pirates. Patents.

House VIII from X: disease, servants, small animals belonging to native mothers or people in high places. Those who help acquiring jobs. Public services and especially the police.

House VI from XI: Children of friends or protectors. Reliable missions. Parliament tribune.

Fourth house from XII: father of hidden enemies or black magicians. The founders of hospitals and nursing homes. Real estate wealth hidden enemies. Cities where black magicians reside. Amphitheater hospitals and prisons cells. Hidden liabilities. Tomb enemies.

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