Make the rounds, Virgo! For the first three weeks of July, you’re in social butterfly mode. Dress up and see friends, go to parties and catch up with your social circles. The Sun is in Cancer and your outgoing eleventh house until July 22, heating up teamwork and technology. Connect with like-minded people, both virtually and in person, and combine your superpowers FTW. Get a digital project underway or spruce up your online presence.

The energy runs high this month because we’ve entered eclipse season again. Two of this summer’s three eclipses arrive on July 12 and 27, bringing boldfaced changes and turning points. Eclipses sweep in four to six times a year and remove anything that’s past its expiration date, flinging open the doors for a fresh start.

And on July 10, expansive Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde slowdown in Scorpio, igniting your third house of communication and local affairs. A savvy idea or creative collabo that got back-burnered this spring could pick up speed now. Bountiful Jupiter is visiting Scorpio from October 10, 2017, until November 8, 2018, a transit that only happens every 12 years. During this time, you’ve opened up to new friendships and hopefully become much more laid-back about going with the flow rather than rigidly planning (and then micromanaging) every last detail. With globetrotting Jupiter visiting your third house of community, many Virgos searched for new neighborhoods to work and hang out in.

In November, Jupiter will start a yearlong visit to Sagittarius and your fourth house of home, which could see you relocating or settling into a more permanent address. Until then, you might embrace the boho life and enjoy a nomadic summer. One Virgo friend of ours just signed up for a service called Trusted Housesitters, paying a small annual fee to couch-surf the world while she figures out her next permanent address. Considering a move? Hop around to some Airbnbs and experiment with daily life in locations you’re considering. This is the time to “try before you buy.”

On July 12, a partial solar (new moon) eclipse lands in Cancer, igniting your eleventh house of groups and digital ventures. Solar eclipses mark bold beginnings and can set us on a whole new (and unexpected) path. This is the inaugural eclipse in a series that will fall on the Cancer/Capricorn axis between now and July 2020 and initiate a wave of changes around your romantic relationships, friendships, creativity and online presence. Your social network and love life could look dramatically different over the next couple years. Ready to be “Internet famous”? You could link up with some trailblazing influencers or have an out-of-the-box idea that goes viral. The eleventh house rules the airwaves, from television and radio to the digisphere, and you could find yourself using any of these mediums to spread your message. Some Virgos will step into leadership roles as social justice frontrunners, a la your signmate, civil rights activist Shaun King.

This is the only eclipse from this group in 2018, and it’s a preview of changes that will really take flight in 2019. Still, it will be an intense start! On July 12, the Sun and new moon are exactly opposite power-tripping Pluto in Capricorn and your dramatic fifth house. Any eclipse-driven changes could be met with resistance from a jealous diva type who doesn’t like sharing the spotlight. Does someone in your life always seems to create chaos the minute the attention isn’t all on them? (Yeah, that person.) The annual Sun-Pluto opposition brings out people’s unconscious “shadow” side, provoking egos and domineering behavior. Paired with an eclipse, that can be heightened. Distance yourself from drama queens today and leave the online trolls alone, (especially!) if they push your buttons.

Ready for an escape? Take a respite from all of it on July 22, when the Sun slips into Leo and your restful twelfth house, kicking off a month of healing and completions. Tie up loose ends before Virgo season starts on August 23. You may feel sleepier than usual and simply not up for big crowds or energetically demanding projects. Conserve your energy and ramp up the self-care.

You’ll really want to keep those boundaries firm starting July 26, when your ruling planet Mercury nosedives into a signal-jamming retrograde until August 19, which can muck up technology, communication and transportation. Trains run late, phones and laptops die mysteriously, and people wildly misunderstand one another. Mercury will be retrograde in Leo and your foggy twelfth house, potentially creating a minefield of confusion and passive-aggressive behavior. Trying to get a straight answer out of anyone will be an exercise in futility.

Retrogrades ARE good for resolving issues from the past and reconnecting with people from “back in the day.” With Mercury reversing through your twelfth house of closure, you’ll especially enjoy nostalgic trips down memory lane. Look through old photos, visit elderly relatives or pick up a cast-aside project or hobby like playing an instrument or crafting. If you have some forgiveness work to do, this is a good time to process painful emotions that you’ve kept bottled up for so long, possibly with the help of a therapist or healer. The twelfth house rules the subconscious, so don’t be surprised if your sleep is interrupted by some vivid dreams or visitations from departed loved ones.

Also retrograde from June 26 until August 27 is energy planet Mars, which can further sap your already-depleted batteries. Until August 11, Mars is backing through Aquarius and your sixth house of health and organization. Even Virgos who are consummate planners could find it hard to keep on top of everything. Stressful Mars in this anxious zone can ramp up the tension, avoid multitasking or taking on projects that are sure to fatigue you. You could end up with a summer cold or burnt-out from exhaustion. Pace yourself and book plenty of healing appointments—and don’t forget to eat regularly (and healthfully!) to keep your blood sugar levels steady. Mars retrograde can make people accident-prone. Cut distractions—especially while commuting—and triple-check your work. If you’re physically active, know your limits so you can avoid any sports-related injuries.

One huge spotlight day around your wellbeing arrives on July 27, when a total lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in Aquarius, with Mars running neck and neck. You could make a sweeping lifestyle change, switching up your daily routines or eating or fitness habits, or dramatically exiting a confining and stressful scenario. Since the sixth house rules employees and delegating, you might cut ties with a service provider or majorly upgrade the people on Team Virgo. You could also reach a breaking point—probably a necessary one—wherever you’ve made sacrifices that aren’t in your own best interest or tried to control a situation in vain. Enough!

In our opinion, lunar eclipses feel more radical than solar ones, because full moons bring endings, transitions and full-circle events. This is the final Aquarius eclipse in a series that’s been touching down on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017 and revolutionizing your approach to health and helping you find the right balance between control and surrender. Look back to the prior two Aquarius eclipses on August 7, 2017, and February 15, 2018, for clues of what might fully come together now. There will be one last Leo eclipse on January 21, 2019, which will close this chapter. Between now and then, continue releasing situations that don’t serve your highest good.


You may have to work a little harder to find those lovin’ feelings this month. Aggro Mars is retrograde from June 26 to August 27, and until August 12 it’s in Aquarius and your nitpicking sixth house. This can drive up the tension and cause you or your partner—or both of you—to take the stress out on the other. It’ll be way easier to find fault than love, but hopefully forewarned is forearmed! When you slip into an anxious state or catch yourself overanalyzing every little thing, step back and look at things from a broader perspective. And definitely refrain from trying to “fix” a relationship or partner. Once Mars straightens out, things might sort themselves naturally, or you’ll be calm enough to discuss it like two civil humans who can give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, on the other side of your chart, Venus is in big-hearted Leo and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house until July 9. You might have a pair of rose-colored glasses permanently affixed to your face, giving everything a pink glow. This COULD be your idealist side poking through—or an unconscious urge to escape present reality. Either way, it’s a distortion, so strive to bring more awareness to your conversations and actions.

On July 9, Venus makes her annual entrance in your sign, restoring your groove in a big way! You’ll be in your sensual element, clear(er)-eyed and eager to bring a relationship onto terra firma. You’ll also be in a better position to make wise decisions, though with Mars still trying to micromanage things, you may feel an internal tug-of-war going on.

Venus will form flowing trines to innovative Uranus (July 11), structured Saturn (July 14) and transformational Pluto (July 27), all in thrill-seeking and fiery parts of your chart. The Venus-Uranus mashup gives you the long-range vision to see past the hurdles and identify potential opportunities where others only see the roadblocks. And when Venus connects to Saturn and Pluto, both in grounded Capricorn and your amorous fifth house, you’ll acquire the rare talent of being able to incorporate adventure and passion without destabilizing your life.

Key Dates:
July 14: Venus-Saturn trine

With beautifying Venus in Virgo making a harmonious angle to “make it happen” Saturn, this might be the day you nail down some specific—and stimulating—plans for your shared future. Single? Treat your love life like any other project and commit to actions that will get you the results you desire. That could mean working with a love coach, downloading a new dating app or signing up for hobbies where you’ll meet like-minded people. Sure, it’s great to let Cupid work his magic, but if you throw him a bone, he’ll work that much harder.


Disorder in the Virgo court? It could be hard to stay on top of all the moving parts in your life now, as energizer Mars spends the whole month retrograde (backward) in Aquarius and your sixth house of organization and helpful people. You might need to revamp or upgrade some of your systems, especially ones that are outdated. But easy does it—FIVE planets will be retrograde at various points in July: expansive Jupiter (until July 10), communicator Mercury (July 26 to August 19), and all month, Mars, structured Saturn, foggy Neptune and strategic Pluto. Even if you want to rush into something, you’ll be forced to perform all the cross-checks and avoid cutting corners.

Mars retrograde could bring some upheaval to Team Virgo, especially when it joins up with the July 27 total lunar eclipse, a day that could see the sudden entrance or exit of a key person. You might just declutter in a way that makes Marie Kondo look slovenly. With all this activity in your micromanaging sixth house, you might be tempted to cling more tightly instead of let go. Note that this lunar eclipse could make your resistance futile, and struggling to fight the flow will only serve to drive you batty. Give up control of the wheel, Virgo, and let the universe drive.

One area of life that can go swimmingly now is networking. With lucky Jupiter powering forward in your synergistic third house on July 10 and an opportune Cancer solar eclipse igniting your groups sector on July 12, some vibrant and helpful people will enter your sphere. Get out and share your ideas with kindred spirits and interested supporters. The right people could clamor to collaborate. And while you’ll want to pick those players wisely—especially after Mercury turns retrograde on July 26—it’s a great month to take applications and vet all interested supporters.

Caution: Anything you launch is meant to be a joint effort, so if someone seems bent on making it all about them, steer clear. On the flip side, if you happen to be the creative force or “star” of this project, don’t be SO democratic that you give away undue credit. You deserve to see your name in lights for all your hard work!

Key Dates:
July 12: Sun-Pluto opposition

Don’t provoke someone just to get a reaction out of them. That’s a recipe for a major disaster, and you don’t have time for games like that. If you’re not happy with the way your interaction is going today, table discussions for another time.

Love Days: 25, 30
Money Days: 10, 18
Luck Days: 8, 16
Off Days: 6, 14, 27

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