Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon

You are a pretty detached sort of person, and however much your romanticism and periodic emotionalism may seem to make you otherwise, you incline to be cold and self-sufficient at heart. You view people in a rather calculating manner, and are capable of hurting those who are fond of you by the ease with which you break human ties and follow your own bent, whatever it may be. You have a good, reasonable, scientifically accurate mind, and when you have figured something out to your satisfaction, you expect everyone else to understand your logic – which you may not go to the trouble of explaining. This detachment and the apparently genial exterior that you present to the world make you a good doctor, nurse, social worker, hospital attendant, or teacher – any occupation where sympathy and understanding must be used but cannot be allowed to interfere with routine. You are able to learn readily, through application rather than intuition. You are a somewhat suspicious person, critical and judicial, though tolerant enough of your own eccentricities. If you are cold, however, you are also stable and can be a bulwark of help in time of trouble, able to absorb the woes of others without being yourself affected and thus helping them to get on their own feet when, your work being done, you go on to other matters. You are willing, rather than ardent, aggressive, or responsive, in romantic matters, and are likely to impress sweethearts with the idea that they don’t really matter very much, which more likely than not is true. You can take them or you can leave them alone. Since the physical impetus to love is not powerful in you, you’re capable of leading a celibate life, substituting intellect and abstract idealisms for human companionship and love.

Grant Lewi

Aquarius Moon/Virgo Sun

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