Virgo Sun Aries Moon

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You have not nearly the self-confidence that you impress the world with, for though you express as a dynamic and executive person, there are large gaps of timidity in you. If by any chance you work yourself into a position of authority, flaws will be found in your administration which are at variance with what you say. There are great inconsistencies in your nature, for your moral courage – which is truly great – doesn’t go into action readily; after you’ve expressed high and noble ideas, you have trouble putting them into effect. If you can learn to start at the other end of things – act first and talk about it later – you will accomplish more and build more solid foundations. You have an excellent mental equipment of a critical and analytical rather than a creative turn; and you can sway people by sheer strength of personality. You are profoundly ambitious and insist on ruling the roost; in fact your whole emotional nature is polarized toward personal acclamation, so that in human relations you may seem a trifle cold. You are by no means the ideal sweetheart, for love as such doesn’t mean much to you, and when you do marry, it’s likely to be a marriage of convenience, or, at best, a marriage of true minds rather than a romantic attachment. Even if you appear to display ardor, it’s of a curious kind; and there may be a streak of hardness or cruelty in you that will hurt those who love you, for you are neither aware of, nor interested in, other people’s feelings. Ideas are what count to you; and the finer shades of feeling are likely to be lost on you.

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