Virgo Sun Aries Rising

The charming, childlike quality of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Aries is a fine complement to intelligent, analytical Virgo. Virgoans born mid-evening are agile and energetic; they show up early because they “just can’t wait!” “Do it now and think about it later” is their mantra, so they’re always well-received by their co-workers. And they’re usually doing more than their fair share without being asked. With Action Aries rising, helpful, energetic Virgoans are usually so productive that they leave people flabbergasted. While Virgo is a willing worker with a buzz saw attitude, Aries is expedient and probably way ahead of schedule. But these Virgoans need to avoid letting “productively busy” turn into unproductive “dizzy busy.” They’re so enamored by activity for activity’s sake that they easily fall into a cycle of “go to first job,” “go to second job,” and afterward “go sign up for parachuting lessons just to avoid boredom.” There’s a serious lack of serenity here. These people can’t sit down! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with staying busy, but, equally true, there’s more to life than acting like a chicken with its head cut off. These Virgoans need to slow down just enough to keep things running smoothly without tension or mishaps.


Childlike, charming, generous, honest, and probably well-proportioned and physically attractive, these Virgoans are delightful to be around. But Virgo’s nervous insecurity and Aries’ impatience will get the best of them if they lack self-awareness. Without some serenity they’ll become accidents waiting to happen: Never a good situation for someone whose idea of fun is jumping out of airplanes or whose livelihood is delivering precious cargo! If Virgoans with Aries rising will learn to center themselves and cool their jets, they’ll give people time to savor their childlike charm—and still get things done with more ease, in less time.

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