Virgo Sun Cancer Rising

These people have a wonderful “grow your own,” green-leaf quality about them that’s a joy to behold. They’re modest, helpful nurturers who cultivate people and things and bring them to fruition, whether underlings at work, neatly-dressed children at home, or plants out on the balcony. To anyone who shows up at the house, they offer a drink or something to eat. They’re admirably hospitable. Virgoans born in the wee hours are extremely caring, mostly due to close family ties. They’re a bit homespun; they’re the good neighbors who are always willing to look after the puppy next door while its owner is off on vacation. And whatever they do, they do it with feeling. Analytical Virgoans tend to live in their head, but their Cautious Cancer is extremely emotional, so their Virgo helpfulness is always heartfelt. On the job, they’re well-respected for doing more than their fair share. They love to be productive and aren’t very good at relaxing, anyway, so they come early and stay late. They’re smart, hard-working, and admirably unassuming. At home, they take care in selecting and maintaining their furnishings and, with their own hands, they make the most of their decorations. They love to make their surroundings comfortable, both physically and emotionally, for all the people who live there.


These Virgoans make splendid property managers and medical assistants; they thrive in any capacity where they can demonstrate their “move mountains” attitude and astound others with their ability to do the work of two or three people. However, difficulties might arise if those Cancer emotions wreak havoc on Virgo’s tendency towards insecurity Virgoans with subjective Cancer rising need to learn to stand off and see themselves objectively They worry about the future, about asking for more than their fair share, and about speaking out of turn. They worry that they aren’t welcome. They don’t always behave as if they’re comfortable with themselves. [..]


Sun in Virgo + Cancer Asc (rising sign)


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