Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon

You are a very well-integrated personality, with a fine mind, critical rather than creative; and you rise to a position of some influence and authority and to worldly security. A fundamentally serious, even morose, strain underlies your sense of humor. You are conscious of the frailties of human nature and eager to do your share to improve them intellectually. You will leave the giving of tangible charity to someone else while you’re working on the human mind. Your passions tend to be of the mind rather than of the flesh; and your success comes, whether in business or professional life, through accuracy, mental soundness and devotion to duty rather than through personal magnetism. Your magnetism is late in asserting itself, and you plug through your first years by main strength and ignorance, with a fixed devotion to your purpose, incapable of being put off by unkind circumstances. Later in life your charm develops. You are quietly magnetic, restrained even when you are most eager, and have a keen sense of good taste that is a valuable social asset.

You will speak your mind frankly and even brutally where an idea is in question; but you are unfailingly considerate of people’s feelings. Thus, you supply in the milk of human kindness what you appear to lack in warmth, and endear people to you steadily and permanently rather than flashily and insecurely. You are constant in love and in friendship and delight in taking the unpopular side of a question, which you may well enough succeed in making the popular side, for you are extremely persuasive, with a flow of language so glib as to obscure the fundamental depth of what you have to say. You are more voluble in speech than your otherwise reserved nature would seem to warrant, but this is only part of your intellectual sureness and precision, which gives you self-confidence where ideas are involved.

Grant Lewi

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