Virgo Sun Gemini Rising

These are quick-minded, chatty-faced people with a lot of bright ideas. And hopefully a few of those ideas will actually work! But even if friends and colleagues have to sort through a whole lot of nonsense to find what’s workable, these Virgoans are still a joy to be around, especially in the comfort of their own homes. Virgoans born around midnight are naturally congenial, glib, sincere, and disarming, and if they’ll emphasize these positive traits and avoid rambling on, they’ll earn the respect and adoration they deserve for their quick-mindedness. The Jitterbug Gemini personality almost always creates a talker, but because midnight births are sometimes quite shy, these Virgoans might prefer one-on-one situations like sitting at the kitchen table or conversing privately over the telephone. They’re often more focused on the people closest to their hearts than on strangers they meet at a party. They sometimes feel that their most important duties and responsibilities are those that revolve around their home-life. It’s here, at home, that they feel most comfortable, and they take great pride in the appearance of their houses. Don’t forget: Virgoans usually have a neat freak hidden in there somewhere, whether it’s obvious or not.

These Virgoans love to escape into a good book, or even a sewing machine, that lets them wander off into their busy minds. Sometimes they’re apprehensive about venturing out of the house and trying something new, preferring instead to stick with what’s familiar in their own workshop or craft room. Virgoans with Gemini rising need to keep a focused eye on their insecurities and not let those insecurities paralyze their willingness to follow their inspirations. On the other hand, they’re extremely curious and highly analytical, and in social settings they exercise these traits by conveying interesting information and showing a sincere interest in the people they meet. Their glibness usually gives them wonderful people skills. [..]

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