Virgo Sun Leo Moon

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You are a person of unquestioned character and absolute devotion to duty. Whatever rebellious resentments may enter your heart they never swing you from the path that you consider right and honorable. You are thus capable of being imposed upon, for if you can be made to feel that you have an obligation, you will never turn back without fulfilling it.

Your inner worth frequently has difficulty in finding adequate return in the outer world. You are not good at managing people, and the executive places into which your sense of obligation or duty works you may prove too much for you. You have plenty of faith in yourself, but you have little faith in your ability to make other people see and appreciate your worth. You are likely to resign yourself to being misunderstood and frustrated. Thus you do not go out to create your own opportunities and are likely to pass up opportunities that come your way through fear that you won’t be able to make good. And all the time, underneath, you have a burning sense of your own competence that you have great difficulty in bringing to the surface. You should force yourself to be independent, to take responsibility, to grasp opportunity, and to make the other fellow appreciate you. You rely too much on your character, your worth, your conscientiousness being rewarded, for you have a naive faith in human nature which even years of hard blows do not completely destroy, and you have a hard time learning the ways of the world. You continue to believe that if you do right by your job you will be rewarded and are dismayed and confused when less worthy, more guileful people, go by you. In a woman’s horoscope this is likely to mean that at some time or other, the family obligations will devolve on you, either through your husband’s illness or through lack of success.

Your worth is tested by circumstances. In a man’s chart, aggressiveness is required – less faith in the reward of the just and more push. Speaking coldly and practically, you could do with less character and more guile, with some method that would make your worth known. You tend to hide your light under a bushel.

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