Virgo Sun Leo Rising

Ah! Finally! A Virgo who wants some attention! These are probably the most self-assured and assertive Virgoans of all. They’re also more focused and determined than other Virgoans, and they’re better at getting to the bottom of things. Blending the intense, robust, and possibly striking presence of Lordly Leo the lion with productive Virgo creates a “do it right the first time” attitude that complements helpful Virgo quite nicely. But it’s important for these Virgoans to make a conscious effort to be more flexible. They might not handle disappointment well, finding it difficult to lighten up and move along; and there’s likely to be a good deal of pridefulness in their behavior. Nonetheless, Leo’s “I can handle it, give it to me” attitude enhances Virgo’s productivity. They’re always the organization’s best bet to initiate a project, and Leo’s generosity is a good fit for Virgo’s Ms. Nitpicky. They’re typically willing Virgo workers, but they also take pride in themselves and love recognition—something not always true of the modest Virgoan. These Virgoans are also comfortable receiving accolades for their achievements. They complete the task in record time, revel in the applause, then go home to enjoy the fruits of their labors and the love of their dear ones.

But Leo’s undoing is almost always the tendency to get lost in the spotlight, and Virgo is already inclined to miss the big picture while sweating the nitpicky details. So if these Virgoans don’t make an extra-special effort to increase their self-awareness, they find themselves oblivious to their surroundings and growing increasingly unaware of how they’re being received. This is not to say they’re no longer productive, affectionate, or generous—these core Virgo and Leo traits will always be cornerstones of their makeup

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