Virgo Sun Libra Moon

You are a self-sufficient soul, intellectual, reasonable, easy to get along with, and probably easy to look at; but in some way giving the impression of detachment. You’re fastidious in your tastes, in matters of dress and with respect to people, and would rather spend an evening at home with a book than go out just to be on the go. This is because you’re capable of taking care of yourself and also because you’re a good deal of a snob, in a quiet, unassuming way. You manage to organize your life so as to exclude those people who bore you or whom you believe to be socially or intellectually inferior. Your quietness of manner conceals a strong determination to do as you please, and your live-and-let-live policy is the corner stone of your creed. You’re a moralist so far as your own life is concerned, but will rarely express criticism of others; you realize that other people probably aren’t interested in your opinions’ so you don’t give them. You’re courteous, strongly social-minded so far as the conventions are concerned, but capable of carrying on a private and perhaps secret life of your own’ always within the realms of good taste and discretion. Without cynicism, you believe that what you do is your own business so long as you keep it to yourself; and without deception you go your own way simply by tactfully keeping issues from being raised. You don’t like quarrels and will go to extremes of diplomacy to avoid one; in theory and practice, you’re a pacifist. You are appreciative of beauty in art and letters, a great reader. You’re so self-sufficient that the passional-emotional life is not very important to you; consequently people with this position frequently do not marry, though not from lack of opportunity. You early get “sot in your ways,” and you don’t like to alter them for another. Marry young and avoid this. You reason things out so well and are so understanding, tolerant, and rational that you aren’t usually hurt through your emotions and make a very satisfactory person to have around, being sympathetic of the woes of others less through experience of your own than through intuitive grasp. Your life is likely to be protected from economic worry; and if other things show creative gifts (see above) your intuitive understanding will lend a peculiarly impelling force to what you write or paint. You have a kind of universality of approach that lends scope and dignity to the most realistic, or fanciful, of themes and gives you in all walks of life a philosophic approach to problems and to your fellow men.

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Virgo Sun Libra Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Curious, dignified and efficient;
  • Negatives: Conformist, demanding and insecure;
  • Perfect partner: Someone who prefers to have a strict routine;
  • Advice: They need to keep nurturing their non-judgmental attitude.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon in love

Virgo Sun Libra Moon lovers prefer things the way they’re supposed to be. Attentive to details, these natives are very good at handling the usual situations.

They need a partner who understands they’re neat and tidy, that they want a routine and are obsessed with how clean and order in their house is.

While they love to communicate, they may not find the subjects to talk about. When they’re saying something, they’re usually correcting or presenting their analysis.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon man

Not very passionate by many thinks, this man more of a thinker. He’s also manipulative so you won’t even realize it, but he will have you hooked to his ways in no time. And he won’t stop influencing, no matter if the target is his children or friends.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon man is the most lovable Virgo male in the zodiac. His Moon makes him obsessed with peace and beauty.

He would rather stay at home than go partying. Not to mention he’s a little bit of a snob who enjoys only the company of a few friends.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon woman

This woman is independent, confident and a little bit reserved. She will attract many people with her detachment. Because she’s reserved as a Virgo and charming like a Libra, she will seem very interesting.

The Virgo Sun Libra Moon woman has great taste and she wants fine things and to be intellectually stimulated. That’s why she’ll visit art galleries and get together with refined people.

Libra Moon/Virgo Sun video

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