Virgo Sun Pisces Moon

Insight is your great gift, an understanding mind, careful, studious, and profound. You are both intellectual and intuitive, can reason things out by cold logic, learn facts, and absorb figures, at the same time that your hunches are actively at work. You seem to know a lot of things without having to be told – to have been born wise, as it were. You are introspective, imaginative, and somewhat apprehensive; you tend to brood and worry and fall into fits of depression, for this is one of the aspects of Weltschmerz, and can make you feel pretty sorry for yourself in a very sentimental way. You also are capable of feeling sorry for other people, very deeply; for a wide sweep of human sympathy is yours, so that you would be an admirable social worker, nurse, doctor, settlement worker, or Salvation Army officer. There is a deeply philosophic and charitable streak in you; everything you do, whether in public or private life, is likely to be touched with this wide range of sympathy, so that you are a comfort to those around you. You believe in the Good Life, and you believe that he who would lead the good life must serve. Not innately ambitious in the ordinary sense of the word, you still have deep pride in your own worth, and in your own capacity for progress. While you are not a good executive, you feel a moral obligation to shoulder responsibility, and what you lack in aggressiveness and boldness, you more than make up in moral force and sense of duty. You are very likely to hear much of the troubles of other people as you go your way, for this is a Father-Confessor position; your friends and fellow workers will bring their troubles to you for solution.

This is one of the expressive positions and can bring you success in the literary arts after the sentimentality of youth has been overcome, for then you are able through the keenness of your insight to capture the public imagination. “Human interest” is your strong point, both in life and in letters, and can be put to good use in literary creation.

Grant Lewi

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon Personality traits

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon people will attain success because they’re intellectually knowledgeable and have a good memory. They’re also intuitive and dreamy. But it’s possible they’ll be more inclined to contemplate than to be practical.

It’s very likely they will be great artists who are curious about all the mysteries of the Universe. It’s easy for them to deal with theory and practice.

Because there are differences in their individuality and the way they respond to others, restlessness will be something normal for them.

They have a great balance between their mind and their heart, being able to observe and come to objective conclusions in every situation. They understand everything, but they won’t refrain from criticizing.

The fact that they’re discrete and they know how to listen will convince many to appreciate them. It’s not like they are the best managers and ambitious characters, but they surely don’t run away from responsibility.

It’s not their type to wish to be in the center of attention, yet they are popular and the persons on whom others always rely. They usually interact in an open way. And they give to people just as much as they’ve received.

Many will grow to depend on them and their good nature. No matter the situation, these natives will always be sincere and try to understand as much as possible. There’s nothing contradicting in them.

Sun in Virgo moon in Pisces. Full moon

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