Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon

There is a wide cleavage between your intellectual and your emotional natures; you are capable of doing things you disapprove of, under the spell of adventure, romance, excitement. You are a loyal, honorable, warm-hearted, and reasonable person. But you have difficulty in getting your ideas across, and a feeling that you are misunderstood arises, perhaps because you don’t understand yourself well enough to make yourself clear. You tend to think in large symbols that don’t bear much relationship with your everyday life, and to idealize what are really very worldly matters.

You are philosophic and somewhat introspective, but instead of looking inside yourself to find what is there, you look inside with a preconceived notion of what you ought to find or would like to find. You are sentimental rather than romantic; you fall in love with ideas, or with an ideal of love, rather than with an individual; and you tend to be baffled, frustrated, and to feel yourself cheated when the Beloved Object fails to live up to your ideal. You can daydream your life away, or you can take your ideals and your philosophies and combine them with your practical analytical nature to produce something creatively. You can be a fair business person when you have overcome a tendency to be too philosophic and idealistic, and have learned to make your vision practical in terms of the earth as you find it.

Intellectually, you are interested in broad, general subjects – religion, philosophy, poetry, music, perhaps metaphysics – and you are capable of tracking a subject to its lair and making it completely yours. You have both imagination and patience, invaluable gifts for either the student or the artist. You love travel, and if you get lots of it, it will absorb your restlessness and enable you to pin yourself down to some important artistic or intellectual task. In business you will be better on the book, managerial, or fiscal side, than in buying, selling, or executive work.

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Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon combination in a nutshell:

  • Positives: Persuasive, impressive and loyal;
  • Negatives: Capricious, dogmatic and sarcastic;
  • Perfect partner: Someone in the company of whom they can completely relax;
  • Advice: They should try to gain their independence early in life.

The Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon man

This man is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of adventure and travels, and Mercury, which is also a planet of travel amongst other things. This guy will always try to move around.

The Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon man has an amazing energy and is a great teacher when it comes to showing others how to be free. He would love to preach and give lessons of life because he likes the attention and to feel useful.

Not to mention how interested he is in learning and talking about different subjects. Aspiring, he can’t stick to a plan for too long. He will often change direction. That’s why his colleagues can’t rely on him.

The Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon woman

The Virgo will always oppose her Sagittarius Moon when the latter is trying to influence towards impulsivity. The Virgin Sun wants to carefully think of strategies but the Sagittarius Moon would rather go by intuition.

So the woman in these signs will be very confused. She will think she suffers from a psychological problem when she’ll plan a last minute trip while overwhelmed with work, or when she’ll end up with the type of man she was definitely wasn’t looking for.

And she won’t have any idea why she’s doing things this way. Her struggle for perfection will always be bothered by her fun and careless Moon.

Sun in Virgo moon in Sagittarius ?♍?♐

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