Virgo Sun Sagittarius Rising

These are some sharp-minded winners who get the picture with their perceptive Sagittarius personalities and never miss the details with their intelligent, analytical Virgo behind the scenes. This is a powerful combination for fun and profit: Sagittarius loves a party, and Virgo’s the caterer!

Virgoans with Happy-Go-Lucky Sagittarius rising are usually easy-going, jovial people who might even have a bit of Jolly Ol’ King Cole in their physical nature. They’re naturals at telling jokes and entertaining people. And it’s well-received as long as it doesn’t come off as high-handed or arrogant.

With Sagittarius in the mix, these Virgoans need to avoid appearing holier-than-thou at every turn. And if they’ll interject some of that natural humor into their management style, they’ll be doubly rewarded. The key is to gratify their Virgo ego by making sure their actions are helpful, their contributions are practical, and—very importantly—their character is on the up and up. It’s always possible that once these Virgoans, with their love of trickery, discover just how easy it is to escape punishment—and once they’ve realized the power of a promise—that they’ll resort to misleading people, making false promises, and misrepresenting themselves. Sometimes they need to learn that although con games might seem to pay off in the short term, they’re never productive in the long run. Virgoans born at noontime must always enhance their winning ways with benevolence and service to others.

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