Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon

You look and behave like an intellectual but your chief driving force is found in your personal, emotional nature; and for good or ill, it colors all your thinking strongly. You are incapable of believing what is foreign to your internal emotional bias, and thus you will be found to be an ardent partisan of whatever cause appeals to you. This you may rationalize and try to give intellectual status, but as a matter of fact you select your beliefs intuitively rather than reasonably. It requires a major explosion to blast a pet idea out of you; you seem to think it is a point of personal integrity not to be convinced by argument. You are facile at thinking up reasons why your ideas are right and very persuasive in putting them across. You can outguess the other fellow and are a good debater, being more interested in winning than in truth for its own sake. You haven’t yet learned that you can “win an argument” without proving anything or convincing anyone; you are the sort of person who can demonstrate logically that Charlie Ross is still alive and be sort of hurt when no one finds him. You are likely to be found among the theoretical radical thinkers, who believe in almost any kind of reform, on paper, and who can draw diagrams to show how it could work – despite the fact that it very obviously could not work. The missionary spirit is strong in you, your interest being in convincing people of what you consider the right, in the pious conviction that, if they take the pledge, they’ll never tip up another glass. Your intellectual powers are strong, but you aren’t a realist; you will excel as a writer of fiction, a storyteller, though you rather fancy yourself spreader of ideas. When you let your head rule your heart you can be unbeatable; when the heart is ruling the head (as it tends to do) you stand in your own light. Depersonalize your life and you can go far; live on the purely personal note and you limit your scope.

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