Virgo Sun Taurus Moon

This is one of the outstanding positions of luck in life; material problems rarely trouble you, though out of nervousness you may create your own worries. In some way you are taken care of; and through hereditary standing may rise to a position of considerable importance.

You are naturally easy-going (which may be reflected in a tendency to grow fat!), and your genial nature makes friends readily, generally among rich or influential people. This is a position of hereditary prestige rather than of anything that you accomplish for yourself, for the impetus to progress, either through economic necessity or through personal drive, does not develop readily.

In love, you are constant and loyal, rather than ardent, and have probably come through youth with a minimum of unpleasant experiences. You take a good deal for granted and are a pretty matter-of-fact person. In business, as in personal life, you are marked by soundness rather than daring; your business will run smoothly and without excitement for you stick to the conservative course, where the rocks and reefs are few. You have been sheltered and protected from the less pleasant side of the world, and it appears a pretty good place to you. You have profited under conservative business practices and achieved contentment through a harmonious, rather than an adventurous, love-life; and you are quite content to have the world continue its leisurely pace till the end of your days, which because of a sound constitution may well be long.

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