Virgo Sun Virgo Moon

You are dominated and motivated by your intellectual interests. You are loyal, affectionate, sentimental rather than romantic, and can develop a great interest in domestic matters. But the lodestar of your life is the mind, its products, achievements, and possibilities. When you marry it will be for intellectual affinity as much as for anything else, for though you fall in love, you simply wouldn’t fall in love with an inferior intellect. Your high sense of discrimination, amounting to an intellectual snobbery, protects you from getting involved with intellectual inferiors, for you have a very finicky taste in matters of people, dress, food and house furnishings and can be extremely critical when your sense of good taste is offended. This sense of discrimination keeps you pretty conventional for no matter how intellectual ideas may appeal to you on the radical and daring side, an innate dislike of offending society keeps you pretty much on the straight and narrow; and when human weakness gets the better of you and you simply have to step off the beaten track you do it with such infinite care and consideration for the feelings of society, that society probably doesn’t even know about it. You are something of a moralist, but your moral sense is social rather than abstract. You are a great preserver of law and order, and when you do arrive at the conclusion that things ought to be changed, you want to see them changed gradually, according to the rules of the game. You are no fire-and-sword revolutionary. Peace is important to you; no principle is worth fighting for, except in a polite and well-bred way. This position generally accompanies a good deal of breeding and family background, whence the reverence for tradition. You aren’t an executive and should never by any chance try to become one. There will be major flaws in any enterprise you conduct, due largely to your conservatism and reasonableness, which sees the other fellow’s viewpoint only too well and makes you less sure of your own plan of action. On the other hand you carry out orders admirably and are invaluable in important subordinate capacities that depend on the executive direction of others or in independent pursuits without executive needs – professional, or artistic. Your creations are marked by care and precision and a flawlessness that may seem cold and studied to more dashing spirits, but which is sound to the core, admirable in taste and execution.

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