Virgo Sun Virgo Rising

There’s no boredom here! These people can stare at a blank wall, and find something interesting about it. Talk about busy-minded tree squirrels! They’re usually youthful in appearance, and often stylish cuties. And, oh my, are they picky. Virgoans are always buzz-saw productive, but these Virgoans are doubly so. And as Virgoans are analytical and helpful, these Virgoans are doubly analytical and helpful. But they need to apply their extraordinary helpfulness and productivity to practical ends, to problems that really need to be fixed and tasks that really need to be accomplished. Earth signs need practical rewards for their efforts, but these Virgoans forget to ask for them. At home, they’re probably neat freaks in at least one particular way: It might be an impeccably organized kitchen, or precisely displayed knick-knacks on well-dusted shelves. But they’ll need a better outlet if they’re going to avoid becoming obsessive, and this is where a compatible work life comes in. As health professionals or computer troubleshooters, they’re right in their element; they can spend their days analyzing problems and malfunctions and figuring out how to fix them like the busy little rodents they love to be. Or they might be contented accountants, hunting down missing funds. And given Virgo’s penchant for fashion, department stores and the fashion industry are a perfect fit; they can analyze trends and showcase their sense of style. All of these vocations provide opportunities for Virgoans to do what they love in a way that pays off in green paper with dead presidents. And no matter how successful they become, they still maintain that virtuous modesty that they wear so well.

[..]They need to write “I CAN handle it!” next to their mirror and somewhere in their workplace, so they can be constantly reminded to sit up straight and take it on the chin; they need to stand up for themselves and avoid becoming doormats. Otherwise, they’ll end up attempting to bolster their egos with flippant comments, clever comebacks, and devious schemes, all intended to make themselves appear intelligent, but often resulting in squandering the good will and trust they’ve worked so hard to earn. People who’d thought these Virgoans were genuine and caring come to suspect them to be gossipy troublemakers. So Virgoans need to be as helpful and productive as they’re driven to be, all the while trusting that that’s exactly what people appreciate most about them. It’s their shining star!

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